Her Design!

Last month, marked the one anniversary, of our daughter’s passing. In college, she took graphic design, but never got to fully pursue it. The above picture, was one of her first designs, and that’s her in the picture. For the last few years, I’ve been posting a inspirational Friday post, a picture with words. As of this month, I’m going to create a picture, or two, and add with it inspirational words. Since, she’s not able to pursue her heart. My heart, will be her graphical expression. I will use her love, to help create, share, and dedicate my designed portrayals. Live out her dreams, for her. I hope, you all enjoyed the first instalment!

WCR, Justinea A Richards (March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021)

Holding, On to Memories!

Every breath, cascading through the sands of time. Every heartbeat, moving within a graceful rhythm. Why grasp at straws, when love held dear, will always be. For the hands of time, can’t counter feeling, encountered with every moment. I hold on to endearing, breathe though my breath taken. My soul speaks, through love’s holistic tether. My heart sings, with breathless words. I grip reality, clench fist at heartache. Will carry the memories, they will never be a burden. I will cleave to love, and let the tears fall. They won’t break, my heart’s not made of glass. I cling to the cross, for life, beyond the moon and stars. Capturing, not about maintaining the memories, but the heart living, in the love retained. Kept, not the name’s sake, but what the love takes, you to a moment in time. From the cradle, to the grave, squeeze the love tight. With all your might, hold it forever. It will sustain, the love that remains, unchanged. Though, love bears the weight, profoundly know the breadth, even in death. The memories remaining, will stand the test of time, in life after breath. All at once, the realization; the smile, the laughter, the love, the embrace, just memories. A dove ascends, to the heavens, on the wings of our love. What remains, love living in the essence, in the shape of a heart!

Where has the year gone, a day that seems like yesterday. A little dove, with the heart of an angel, ascended to the heavens. A daughter, a sister, a friend, forever held in our memories, and in our hearts! In loving memory of my daughter, Justinea Angelina Richards. March 9, 1990, to March 2, 2021.


In Unison!

We will, not always be on the same page, and that’s okay. As long, as the love in our hearts, are in sync. Sometimes, the heart sings off key, it’s the harmony that matters, in a heartfelt love song. If we learn, the pitch doesn’t have to be perfect. For the tone of our love, to be in agreement; unconditional. Hearts, don’t have to beat synchronized. For the love to be moving, just compelling. Feeling, moved by just emotions. Will never sway, love needing a harmonious melody. Individually, we are flawed, but with togetherness, we change the dynamics. Blending in, should never change how much, a heart stands out. True love, comes from deep within. Affirmed, by the heart in action. Real strength, not about the mite, but that your love might; act with true sincerity. Two, or three hearts in acquiescence, changes love’s perspective. Love, not about being in formation, but with the right information. Your love, bares a distinct quality; love’s truest simplicity. The heart, the original stringed instrument, joined in love’s chorus. Playing its part, in the quintessential love symphony. In friendships, in relationships, families. Heart to heart, in concert, bounded by love. A cello, though part of the same family; will never be mistaken, for being a violin. We may, have similar make ups, but every heart, unique in its own right. Oneness of heart, synthesized love, in unison!


In Our Hearts!

Where do I start, when your heart knows. The beginning starts with life, is but a breath. What do you say, what can I say? When I don’t have words, when words will never be enough? What do you do, when words are heard; but no one, will never understand your heart. A heart that aches, for every breath is tightly held. This day, seems a dream. That will leave a heart feeling, what happens in the wake!

Who is, Justinea Angelina Richards?

She’s March 9, 1990. A born fighter, weighing in @ 6lbs, 5 ounces. Our baby girl, ready for the world @ 37 weeks. I held her, as her love held my breath. My soul leaped to the heavens, an angel gave my heart wings. She had a smile, that knew how to brighten a heart for days. Her presence, could capture every gaze. Even, the unexpected heart. A baby girl, become a little lady. Who turned a teen, with a heart so keen. Our miss Independant thinker, her intelligence not in spoken words. A woman, with so much hopes and dreams. To see every heart touched, by the light of her love. She’s a daughter, a sister, a friend. A heart loved, beyond just family, and friends!

You Live!

You live, in our heart, in our soul. You live, because we won’t forget, we won’t let the memories fade. You live, because time can’t erase. What a heart won’t let be erased, through the sands of time. You live, in what the night can’t eclipse, in what the day can’t hide. You live, in the reflections, in the lasting impressions. You lived, you’re living, you will live; forever… in our hearts!

In loving Memory, of our baby girl!


Fun Friday; The Drive!

Thirty three years, that’s how long; I’ve been driving… my Mrs Daisy, my May flower. Now I would never call her a back seat driver, shot gun; her love is right next to my heart. Oh, how I need her love near, so she can keep it real… close; whispers of love… In My Ear. You’re turning the wrong way… Captain, Obvious… ly, dear. I just wanted to hear your love speak… to my heart. Turn by turn, your love moves me; your attention to details… so sweet. This love has never been a bed of roses, but hearts forever in bloom. All roses have a stem… of problems, but the love for; should never be what withers away!

I spend all week working, but babe that will never mean. My heart isn’t also banking some time… deep within my soul. Just so my heart, can spend all those saved up hours with you. This world seems to be going crazy, so many hearts stuck… running ragged in the rat race. Zoom, zoom; but the question they need to ask, who’s zooming who? It’s not about how fast the heart goes, but how to appreciate each moment. For us, the drive is the getaway; a moment to slip away. Two hearts racing, but two souls at peace; cruising up the highway… called heaven. Oh girl, shhh… no need to say a word; I just want to hear the sweet music. Girl, that’s my jam; turn up the volume. I will never get tired, listening to the rhythm… of your beating heart. Let the music play, your love is still so groovy!

A little over thirty one years ago, I strapped my heart into the driver’s seat. Threw the rear view mirror out the window, grabbed hold of my destiny. Some thought our hearts were too young, so many said the drive; “#Wouldn’t Last!” They say, the first five years of a marriage… is the hardest. I have found in my thirty one year experience. The key, not just in the ignition. Not even about, what kind of gas is in the tank; but what is the true source… of the sustaining power? It’s not about steping on the gas, but if the heart truly knows how; to accelerate… the love? I believe, what help to fortify the love. When the heart chooses to focus, on true undistracted devotion… to God!

My love, my bride; thank you. When my mind is in a fog, the light hovers; but your love, also helps to steer my heart. I’m not always sure what will be the destination, but one thing I know; to let our hearts decide. A short trip… down memory lane, or what drives us… to keep our focused on forever? Your love is a fun ride, all the bumpy roads. Even the ups and downs; whoo… my heart still enjoys it all. Love isn’t about the distance, but the journey… together. Never about the road we choose, but the places the love takes our hearts. Love is a two way street, but my heart sees it only one way. I might be in the drivers seat, but we will always need Jesus… to take the wheel. His love, what drives our heart. He is the only one, that knows the way; to our final destination. When it’s time to go home, it will be you and me; homeward bound, together… Forever!

My wife and I, have been driving together for thirty three years. We started as teenagers, then when we got married; and it was with our kids. The kids are all grown, and for last five or so years; we haven’t been doing drives. About a year or so, she suggested that we go on Sunday drives. At first I didn’t really want to, but then said yes. Now every summer, we go on Sunday drives. I pick a destination, and we go driving for about 3-4 hours! Have a wonderful weekend!

Baby Boy!

From the first day, from the first hour; yes from the very first minute, it was love from the very first second. My heart got to hold your gentle love; soft was the touch, that will forever caress my soul. Ear to ear, heart to heart; the smile has been forever noticeable, within my heart. You were the first, none other can ever take that away from you; my baby boy!

Your first step, your first tooth, your first haircut. Your first day at school, your first job, your first car. The day you became a man, from the very first moment; my heart witnessed them all. Oh boy, my heart could never be coy; oh what a joy, when we had our first baby boy!

Rockabye baby, I pray my love has been a rock? Hold on to my love, God’s love is the rock; that keeps my heart grounded. The rock of ages, rest your heart; on that as the foundation. Happy 30th Birthday, to my baby boy. Daddy has always been so very proud of you, and every day; I say a little prayer, for you!