In Unison!

We will, not always be on the same page, and that’s okay. As long, as the love in our hearts, are in sync. Sometimes, the heart sings off key, it’s the harmony that matters, in a heartfelt love song. If we learn, the pitch doesn’t have to be perfect. For the tone of our love, to be in agreement; unconditional. Hearts, don’t have to beat synchronized. For the love to be moving, just compelling. Feeling, moved by just emotions. Will never sway, love needing a harmonious melody. Individually, we are flawed, but with togetherness, we change the dynamics. Blending in, should never change how much, a heart stands out. True love, comes from deep within. Affirmed, by the heart in action. Real strength, not about the mite, but that your love might; act with true sincerity. Two, or three hearts in acquiescence, changes love’s perspective. Love, not about being in formation, but with the right information. Your love, bares a distinct quality; love’s truest simplicity. The heart, the original stringed instrument, joined in love’s chorus. Playing its part, in the quintessential love symphony. In friendships, in relationships, families. Heart to heart, in concert, bounded by love. A cello, though part of the same family; will never be mistaken, for being a violin. We may, have similar make ups, but every heart, unique in its own right. Oneness of heart, synthesized love, in unison!


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