Holding, On to Memories!

Every breath, cascading through the sands of time. Every heartbeat, moving within a graceful rhythm. Why grasp at straws, when love held dear, will always be. For the hands of time, can’t counter feeling, encountered with every moment. I hold on to endearing, breathe though my breath taken. My soul speaks, through love’s holistic tether. My heart sings, with breathless words. I grip reality, clench fist at heartache. Will carry the memories, they will never be a burden. I will cleave to love, and let the tears fall. They won’t break, my heart’s not made of glass. I cling to the cross, for life, beyond the moon and stars. Capturing, not about maintaining the memories, but the heart living, in the love retained. Kept, not the name’s sake, but what the love takes, you to a moment in time. From the cradle, to the grave, squeeze the love tight. With all your might, hold it forever. It will sustain, the love that remains, unchanged. Though, love bears the weight, profoundly know the breadth, even in death. The memories remaining, will stand the test of time, in life after breath. All at once, the realization; the smile, the laughter, the love, the embrace, just memories. A dove ascends, to the heavens, on the wings of our love. What remains, love living in the essence, in the shape of a heart!

Where has the year gone, a day that seems like yesterday. A little dove, with the heart of an angel, ascended to the heavens. A daughter, a sister, a friend, forever held in our memories, and in our hearts! In loving memory of my daughter, Justinea Angelina Richards. March 9, 1990, to March 2, 2021.


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