Song Inspired; Every Moment!

Every moment I get to breathe, every moment my heart is awaken. The radiance of Your love, is the light that shines; deep burning the desire. To have Every Moment, to keep Every Moment; a heart forever in an embrace. This is what it means, this is what it truly is. To know dearly loved, a heart held close to your love. Every day, is a moment to flex… my thoughts. But Every Moment, be very pointed. To show my thoughts, don’t get to control the moment. A heart taking the lead, a soul wanting to be led. A heart, breathing deeply, love expanding the soul. Growth seen, deeper becomes the love… with every breadth. A heart saturated, with the color of love. The fragrance laced with the aroma, of an overwhelming peace. If I could bottle it up, what my heart will surely try. If I could contain it, that I wouldn’t hesitate. Even I can’t do it, that doesn’t mean I won’t try. Within every word, therein lies a heartfelt verse. Love captured, in every syllable. Pen down words, every line.. another pent up muse. Poetry in every eMotion, a heart exposed by the love. What was bottled up, no longer contained. Even if I could, how do I put back into my chest. All the love that has forever escaped, between every breath!

Every day, with Every Moment; closer to Your heart, lost in the awe and wonder. Every moment, becomes my end. So in You, I have my beginning. In my heart, the revelation is love. In my soul, the genesis of love revealed. Every day, in the mind the battle rages. Living Every Moment, deep within the love; defeat can never accost my soul. The retreat, and the surrender; into the love found in You. Love, meant to be endearing; last a lifetime. Love, a coming together; the giving of heart and soul. Your love, what profoundly been the change; within Every Moment I breathe. The deeper understanding, hovering over my soul. Your love is my heartbeat, never failing… to astound my soul. Every day, I’m taken by the love. Every Moment, my heart blown away. Your love is the wind, why my soul knows to soar. Every day, Every Moment; within Your love I can stretch my wings, so You can watch my soul take flight. Every day, Every Moment I rise; looking past what’s momentary. Within Your love my heart is encouraged, to be fearless, be the best me… for You. I know I can stand, walk a mile. Shoeless, doesn’t stop a heart to show more… love!

A Mother’s heart, hardwired to love; Every Moment, unconditionally. An inspired love collaboration, between heart and soul. A love so strong, the heart becomes completely intoxicated. A soul slurring words, a heart stumbling… to keep a balance. Beautiful poetry, in every eMotion. A love so intentional, to portray every breath of the love; a muse heartfelt. Deep within the heart, a soul forever moved; by a love intoxication. Captured by every gaze, the fire of love within. Every day, many flaws are seen. Every moment, not about what’s flawed; but what’s deeply felt. Beautiful are the scars, showing a heart where it has been. Rough are some of the days, but every moment yours to embrace. Embedded deep within, what the love has taught. The experience, the memories; what needs to be forever cherished? Knowing how, to extract the deepest moments. Time slips away, like sand; an Hour, just Glass. A moment to reflect upon, but a time to keep moving forward!

February, celebrated as love month; a time to honor, a moment to show the love within. As long as we don’t forget, love is meant to be celebrated every day; and every moment to be cherished. For me, May is more meaningful. Mother’s Day, celebrating a mother’s love. May 1988, when my wife and I got married. Two special opportunity, that I can celebrate our love, and her motherhood! Within the piece, I would like to celebrate all the mothers; Happy Mother’s Day!

This song inspired, is by Forever Jones. A christian family gospel group, mother, father, and their five kids!


A Mother!

As women, people like to label you; categorize you. When you’re young and single, they label you with words like; Hot, Sexy, Fearless. When a woman is older, married and have kids; you become far more than just a sticker price. The labels seen only through the lens of the eyes, but the heart is where the true beauty lies; into you, that’s what they need to see. A woman will never loose the label used to describe her youth, they just simply age like fine wine. Aging heightens the beauty; maturing is what defines the essence within!

As men, we absolutely need to know how to appreciate the true essence. Essence is defined as: An intrinsic nature. The indispensable quality that serve to characterize; that used to identify something, someone. It’s the most important ingredient, the crucial element. The inherent, unchanging nature; A Mother!

Sure, outer beauty is nice to have, but a woman is defined by her true beauty; the essence within. What really makes a woman truly special, is the definition that radiates from within. This label that I speak of, is that of a Mother; a label that speaks of Love, and true Strength. A Mother looks after the home, but that doesn’t define her. She nurtures her kids, with all the love within her soul. All while working to help support the family. A mother’s love; unwavering love!

When you’re young you may be able to turn a few heads, and be admired for your outer beauty. But when a woman truly knows her Worth, she doesn’t need to turn heads; she has learned how to inspire a generation, with her heart. She has truly realized that she is a SUPERWOMAN; with the ability to even stop hearts, with just her presence!

Mothers, the label; scratch that. You have a title; built on Strength, but the foundation is Courage. The strength to be, with the courage that is; flawless. Mothers, I Celebrate You this day, and every day. Don’t let any label define you, it’s a Title that best Describes You; A Woman!

God Bless You, Happy Mothers Day!