In Her Heart!

Mommy, my dearest love, from the womb, to the cradle, in your heart. Till death, we part. The conception, we could be separated, a futile thought. Now and forever, the light of your life. From the inside out, endearing love, permeates. It leans in, to hold me, pulling my heart closer, with every loving gaze. Regardless, how I stretch the truth. Umbilically, we’re tethered, by design. You’re there for me, and I’m here to concede, the love is received. Is there, any other heart perceived, bigger than a mother’s love? Why, would you ever need a trophy, when I can give you my heart? Love and devotion, displayed in a crimson hue. You have me, you hold me, you know me. From your affection, my heart can’t hide. Your love is the water, that soothes my fears. Your heart, gives me hope, I will see my dreams. Through your eyes, love endlessly cascades, into a deep river. Your love, comforting, caring, touching; changing… me. Your love is, my breath. You are my heart, when mine is not in rhythm. You know my heart, into me you see!

When I fall, your love is there, always encouraging me, to stand stronger, than before. Crawl, walk, I run to your embrace. To lean, on your tenderness, rest my heart, on the gentlest love. You’re my world, my strength, everything. My heart, makes it through the silent nights, listening to your heart beat. Even in, the times when I’m speechless. How is it, your heart is never, lost for words. It doesn’t matter, how much the years pass. Your heart and mine, profoundly entwined. Your love, makes my heart smile, gives my soul wings. The place, where the moon and stars collide, must be the milky way, heaven. Your love, the substance that feeds, my soul. Hush, I know, my love is demanding. But yet, you love so gracefully. Take a breath, let my love, help you breathe. You, can dry your tears, with my deepest love. My heart, sees the light, in your heart. Thank you, for loving me, unconditionally. Mommy, I love you. Every day, I celebrate your heart!

Forever, Your baby’s heart!

Happy Mothers Day, to all the wonderful hearts!


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