Her Beauty!

Come see her beauty, come see her soul. An excellent heart, such beauty to behold. See how it radiates, how it enlightens, in the afterglow. Her adorning, crowned in splendor. Deep love, embedded in the crevices of her soul. The imperishable quality, cannot be erased, from the depth of her being. A gentle spirit, hovers within quiet beauty. Endearing love, knows the true beauty, in a heart, forever on display. The texture, woven in the purest love. The soul, clothed in scarlet. A mother’s love, her heart cannot be denied. Her worth, can never be refuted. Her love, leaves you lost for words. Rose petals, fall gracefully at her feet, violets, cascade in her breathless hue. In every season, her love blooms, like the most beautiful flower. Like the dawn, the fragrance of her love, rises with the due, she truly deserves. Like nature’s glow, her heart shines, perpetual warmth. You can’t buy her affection, she considers the need, and gives it… everything. How beautiful the feet, that walks in love. How lovely the hands, that touches you deeply. A mother’s love, the lamp, that never goes out. Every heartbeat, beating valiantly, to vanquish the darkness. Many hearts, love excellently, but her love, surpasses them all. A heart, with good intent, far more precious, than diamonds and pearls. How, can a man not rise up, and call himself blessed, to behold such a treasure? Gaze profoundly, into the soul, of a virtuous love? From her heart, from the deepest place of her beauty, a mother’s love, flows like an endless river!


16 thoughts on “Her Beauty!

  1. So many mothers need to hear your beautiful words and begin to realize high calling for a woman to mother a child—and it doesn’t have to be a biological child. Love shapes any child’s heart.

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