No words, a heart finding itself, lost for words. A love that can’t be concealed, doesn’t need to be explained. When the heart’s exposed, the love written in plain sight. Etched forever in the soul, for all to see. Love doesn’t, have to be mind blowing, just easily understood. What needs to be expressed, will never be left unsaid. We all, have our own idea, what love is. Conveyed thoughts, appreciated with kind gestures. Your actions, loving affection. Your Poetic, love in motion. What’s perceived, becomes what’s received, then believed. When love deepens, words are lost. You search your heart, found the deeper meaning. The transference of feelings, with the desire; becomes the intended outcome. Every heart, has a tell; your love story. Perhaps relatable, your heart, having the courage. To let it be seen, the story known. Love, has a quiet beauty, resonating the deepest truth. You don’t, have to be a mind reader, to know a heart in need. Love excels, the transferring element, love being the only reason. The spoken word, requires breadth for it to be… moving. What’s communicated, heard loud and clear. The perception, should never eclipse the true meaning. Love, not about sixth sense, but the essence, making sense. You don’t, have to be clairvoyant. Just absolutely clear, with the conveyance. Reveal your heart, and the intent will profoundly speak, the evidence in volumes. A love boldly proclaimed, in real time demonstrated. Love imparts, the heart doing its part. Make known, the deepest expression. Telepathy, not what love is. Intentional, how love transcends!


How, a Heart Gets Filled!

Maybe, you’re filled from the trickles? Maybe, you’re filled up by the ounces? Maybe, you all about the getting, and the having; but never pouring… out for another? Maybe, you settle with the wanting. Even though, your heart has an absolute need, for more? Maybe, because you always get it free? You empty out another, because it doesn’t cost, you anything? But for the other, the cost may have been everything, and then some. Maybe, you like it all bottled up. Because being vulnerable, hurts to let it breathe. Maybe, your heart has become just a spectator; just watching, how it beautifully cascades? Love’s like water, meant to be a deep ocean. Not flow aimlessly, like a lazy river. Pour it out, and breathlessly overflow… into your deepest cup. A measuring cup of love, will never drown a soul. May the water of love, refresh through every drop, of the waterfall. For that’s how, a heart gets filled, up with endless love!


Shining Star!

Love, my heart is ready. For you to do it again, shine. Cheek to cheek, heart and soul; dancing in the crimson light. Just a glimpse, all my soul needed to know. Even the afterglow, leaves the heart, speechless. Tell my heart a tale, give my soul words. To make known, how you live and breathe. Meet me again in this place, here, now. Hold me now, let my heart breathlessly, bask in the crimson. In the dark, your shine is glaring. My darkest moments, eclipsed by each breath-taken. I don’t need the moonlight, or eyes to see how much, you outshine… shadows. Into words, how can my heart; put this into words? Define, how truly divine… you shine. The love, in another universe. It keeps moving, my heart. You, will surely make my love shine, for a thousand years. Head in the clouds, no; my soul in awe. Every breath, taken… to infinity. The heart, held in a deep embrace. Losing my breath, just another day; living in my shining star. Don’t change, it’s my heart. That needs to shine like you, shine radiantly. What’s come over me, what’s become of my heart… it’s You, making my light shine. And this, my heart can’t even deny. Let my soul twinkle, what my shining star does. Why, should a heart wish upon a star; when it, already has what it needs? My heart is unchained, swept deep inside. And nobody, knows it but you!

Move me again, shake me to the core. My song in night, the kiss upon my soul. Take my heart, to the deepest place. Reveal to my heart, enlighten my soul; how you endlessly sparkle and shine. When the days are daunting, hopes and dreams start to fade. There’s a silver lining, in my shining star. Laugh out loud, my soul burst out with joy. There’s no missing, how much you shine, you’re the brightest star. You shine so bright, shine beautifully. The love, won’t ever go away. My heart, captured by the presence. Get enough, how does a soul say no; to every gentle touch? An open heart, gave access to my soul. Every day, I will be here, waiting breathlessly. So my heart, can see you shine. A fleeting glow, could never replace a radiant light. The endearing splendor, encompass the sun and moon. Lost in love, heart and soul, in a shining star. When I need you, I open my heart, hold the breadth. To know, a vision of love, just a heartbeat away. Shining Star, you’re all I need, to get by. Oh, my heart is profoundly ready. Just one more time, do it again, let me see you shine!


I Digress!

I digress, whenever your love, isn’t the true focus of my heart. I digress, when the thread in every heartstring, wasn’t tethered to you securely. I digress, if your heart doesn’t get my full affection. I digress, my heart lost breath. But found shortly after, my thoughts wandered. Leaving your heart to wonder, if my heart didn’t truly realize. Your love, what took my breath. I digress, when I have a moment. But every moment, to you not conceded; mind, body, and soul. I digress, the plan is about this man, not the master plan. Give love from the heart, so it won’t be an afterthought. I would digress, if I turned a heart in need away. Leaving the soul to drift, down my lazy river. I digress, when I depart from the path. Only to find my heart, at a crossroad. I digress, when I stray from the truth. Only to end up, at a turning point. Repeating what my heart, tried to avoid. At some point, humanity digressed. Losing sight, of the true meaning of love. It’s not about, measuring the size of the heart. But to what measure, will become your character. We digress, the heart not sticking to the point. Love, not about pointing fingers. But about taking responsibility, for your words, and actions. Change, will always start in me, then we… won’t digress. If love, isn’t the first thing on your mind, and in heart and soul; we digress. If love, didn’t make my heart relishing. Lose my breath, in heartfelt moment; I Digree!

“Love is large, and incredibly patient. Love is gentle, and consistently kind to all. It refuses to be jealous, when blessing comes to someone else. Love does not brag about one’s achievements, nor inflate its own importance. Love does not traffic in shame, and disrespect, nor selfishly seek its own honor. Love is not easily irritated, or quick to take offense. Love joyfully celebrates honesty, and finds no delight in what is wrong. Love is a safe place of shelter, for it never stops believing, the best for others. Love never takes failure as defeat, for it never gives up.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 TPT


The Glow!

Radiant, the moment glows. Months, met with such anticipation. Though the days is intense, the love grows immensely. Faces showing, incandescence hearts glowing. Warmth, held deep within the soul. The crimson moment, takes every breath. The glimmering hope, the color of love. The heart to convey, what the soul needs to say. The richness of love, revealed through the deepest expression. The quintessence, love with a fragrant bloom. Love through a vivid lens, visible in a delightful smile. A heart, blushed with a love so beautiful. Strong feeling, dedicated to a heart’s well-being. The pain pales in comparison, when love tells the tale. Thrilling the soul, for a thousand lifetimes. Love flowing like water, bottled up emotion. Released, filling heart and soul. When push comes to pull, love is birthed. Time stands still, breathless becomes the moment. A mother glows, hearts beaming. The day, a Labor of love. The radiance, meets the brilliance. The Breadth of love, and the Glow… that’s forever!


The Way Out!

The way out, what you have to go through. Every beginning, finds an end. Every story, tells the tale. Every journey, reveals the process. Every season, brings about change. At every stage, something is learned. With every experience, wisdom is gained. The road to truth, leads to enlightenment. Brokenness is a place, where courage won’t leave you abandoned. Through the valley, there’s a way out. Your most vulnerable moment, doesn’t mean a crushing defeat. Your resolve, thrives because of the fiber, strengthened by your confidence. A difficult situation is conquered, as a result of your heart. Loss, takes the breath. Grief, knows a deep river. In the depth, love pulls you through, helps you rise again. Finding peace, gives you a way to breathe. Though the way out, still taking you through. Find a love, you can press in, as you press on. The way out, through the tears. After the rain, watch the cloud roll back, to see there’s always hope. When the sun emerges, get ready to shine. Discover you’re not alone, someone has made it through. Scars, don’t define you. Flawlessly, how hopefulness shines. Showing the way, every time. Thanks to grace, and the power you’ve found. A forward momentum, unstoppable. Where, you happen to find your heart? The way out, what you have to go through. To find The way, the truth, life!


Your Love Moves!

Your love moves, trying to catch the breadth, your love moved. Like trying the chase the wind, the love so moving. Losing your breath, happens when tethered heartstrings, gets tangled up with another. The heart takes flight, the wings feels right, the breadth held tight. My every breath, take you just might. Your love moves, caught up in the rapture. Forever found in the moments, the elevation takes the heart to places. The soul is set free, to see the new horizon. The wings of love soaring, beyond hopes and dreams. Your love moved, to come so near and dear. I closed my mind, opened my heart, and your love moved me, closer to your heart. The love, echoes through every breath. Takes my soul to the depth, to become the sea I need. A silent river, moves with the crimson flow. Moved, not in the singular, in both heart and soul. Your love moved, made the advancement. My heart changed position, make the love intentional, deeply personal. Every heartbeat, played a symphony. Over and over, my heart humming and singing the same love song; endless… love. Your love moved, your love moves, your love’s moving. Through a deep river, every breath taken, to the deepest ocean. The heart, provoked to feelings. Pulling the tide, persuading the move, to tears. Love, inspires thought, captures the heart. Moves within waves, in so many ways. Stirring up the tide, to crash against a heart of stone. My soul gives chase, trying to catch the breadth. The closer my heart gets, profound becomes the feeling. Your love moved, so my soul… begins the chase!


In the Depth!

A heart, living in a place. Where love transcends, the breadth defends. A soul, resting in the deep. Not to save, the fleeting breath. But to know, every breath held. The heart, tethered to the lifeline. Pulling you in the deep, to know breathless living. The soul, immersed in the depth. A search of the heart, with a meaningful dive. Into the ocean, gives love a deeper meaning. The heart can’t fathom, what the soul was meant to experience. The endless, the continual, the essence. Sink or swim, will never be the question. When submerged, becomes the only answer. A heart, swept by the crimson tide. The soul, fathoming what will the heart find, in a love so beautiful. May the proverbial, not be a love over the head problem. But the soul, immersed even deeper, due to the heart condition. In the tossing, in the turning of heart and soul. Air you breathe, but in love, you live. The evidence, what gives my confidence. The breadth of love speaks, when listening is not in the shallows. Don’t let the heart, slip into a slumber, without knowing this. Deep into the bliss, where you find love is forever… lived in the depth. The heart, crashing against the tide. Held by the gentle waves, in every eMotion. Every whisper, holding you with the sweeping melody. Standing on the shore, will never let the heart know for sure, how deep the love. Every day, love has to take the heart back to the place, where the soul is found… drowning. My fear, drowned within the deepest love. Over my head, in the depth. In the presence, of a love so deep, losing your breath. All the heart needs to do, hold the breadth, and wait… to exhale!


Song Inspired; You Were Loved!

Have you ever, wished you could turn back clock, change the sands of time? It was but a moment, life’s cloaked in fleeting vapors. Losing your breath, sometimes bitter, sometimes so sweet. Love, took my breath, on the wings of an angle. So many times, I wanted to pick up the phone. Tell you, I don’t have to miss you, won’t try to hold on to the years. I will, always keep you close. Your love is forever, in our heart. I will cry, but will never shed a tear. I will keep it, bottled up. Just let the overflow, run through my silent river. Then poured, deeper. Your heart be loved, with each breath taken. Though, the soul journeys home. Your love, has reserved a special place, next to my heart. I lost a breath, but your love helps me find it. In life, the heart chases dreams. We need not forget, in searching; find the true meaning, to life. Knowing a love, profound with meaning. Diamonds in the hand, not a treasure the heart can hold. You can’t say, you have a diamond. If the love, doesn’t shine through it. You can have riches, but without love. What do you have, to call your priceless treasure? In this world, everybody searches for peace. The only place to find it, within the heart. The greatest gift, life can truly give. Having a love, that meant something. One, you can look back on, see if the love touched? If the breadth, was deeply held; the love, found in the deepest place? The most precious treasure, needs to be kept safe. Not with lock, with love this the key. It’s profoundly better, when on display. My baby girl, unlocked a well guarded place!

You ask for words, but speechless become the heart. You can ask the waves, why swept away? But, before knowing the answer, emotions another flood. You ask the tree, how deep the roots? For life, begins under ground. You can ask the grave, don’t take your breath. But tears, how the ground feels the reign. Strong hope, breaks what comes to chain. I wish, I didn’t have to write this. But, I’m thankful; my heart gets to say this. Remembering, will not out weigh this. We have history, love the story. The good days, not weighed by a bad day. The heart goes on, one day at a time, love gets you through it. Thank You, for letting us know your heart. Distance, won’t overcome the miles. Love’s a journey, the road knows the destination. But it’s the chosen path, that holds the true destiny. Even now, love puts a face, to what makes the heart smile. That’s, the power of love. My advise, to every heart. Always remember, to tell that special person; You’re Loved. Leaving, not a kiss to say goodbye. But a moment to say, our love will meet again. Love felt, a heart touched, by one with a special love. The breath taken, someone reached in; held it forever. It doesn’t matter, when time finds forever. When I lay me down, this my heart will know. In the wake, my soul will find love, waiting… to take my breath. Why, I’m saving all my love. All the love, you’ve given. My love, is your love… breathing, still!

* For the last three years in August, I’ve picked one of Whitney Houston’s songs, to be a Song Inspired. This year, because of my own daughters passing in March 2021. One week before her 31st birthday, which I wrote about back then. We got passed COVID, only for our hearts to be blindsided, with something else. This post, was written with her in mind. It will also be dedicated anyone, who has also lost a loved one recently! This song, was released in 1998. Hope, it blessed your heart?