Love is, An Ocean!

To this ocean, love has brought my heart, anchor my soul. Where peace, becomes the stillness, where every breath is held, in the depth of love’s embrace. Ocean’s deep, where love can find my soul, living in the deep. Two hearts, breathing in one breath, fathoming the deepest recesses of love. A deep river woman, her love moves between the breadth, of my silent river. What love becomes, what the depth is meant to be. A place, where endless love, swims the here and now. The soul, drifting the seven seas, the heart lost, drowned within forevermore. True love, not about the heart beating, but the soul living, resuscitated again and again. Profound love, becomes a breathless journey; oceans deep. Many rivers crossed, the blissful calm, keeping the love from being washed away, by waves of emotions. Hearts in twined, swims the deep, the soul, living within the gravity; love swept away, by the breadth. Love is an ocean, that rescues the heart and soul, drowning within the silence!


My Inspiration!

My soul has a tell, my heart has a story, my love is an expression. Love was composed to be, an inspiration. On my mind, in my heart, within my soul. Everywhere I go, love comes with me. For, I need it near me, want it by me, I want it to move me, I need love to breath for me. It’s plain to see, love completes me. Love is redeeming, love is freeing, love is captivating, love is being; love has meaning, love has feelings. Love is the picture, in a perfect painting. When love creates, an exquisite work of art captured. When profoundly interpreted, it’s the most beautiful expression. Love is the fragrance, within my crimson hue. The guiding presence, the fortified refuge, to bring your heart. Love is a gentle nudge, not a aggressive push, to become… something else. Love is action, not just words. When breath, and hope collides. Love instructs, how to secure your own oxygen. Before you can show someone else, how to breathe, in every breadth. When unconditional, love resonates true. Letting a heart feel, free to let you in, to your most vulnerable place. Love is now, love is tomorrow, love is always. Love will be, to the end of time. Life inspires, nature truly inspiring, leaving the heart inspired. But, what my soul have come to know? That love will forever be, my prose; My Inspiration!



Where does a heart go, when you can’t catch your breath? The wind taking it, with the butterflies in your stomach? What do you do, when you’ve prayed, but there’s seems to be a change, in the direction of the wind? Keep praying. What should you do, when you’re on pins and needles, when there’s a sharp pain in your faith? Get on your knees, and search your heart. There’s strength in knowing, this too shall pass. What are you to do, when your loved ones are in a state of chronic, but it’s your heart chronicling? By keeping them in prayer, like writing a love letter on their heart. A prayer today, a true blessing tomorrow. On the road called life, when it seems you’ve lost your way? I pray, you would come to know, that Grace is always there, to take you by the heart. To comfort your soul, help guide you through the journey, until you’ve reached your destiny. Life, is but a breadth, so live it well. Sow good seeds, and your heart will see the harvest. Yes, I pray your life becomes, a profound love story. Every chapter, every paragraph, every verse. Making the heart swell, with tears of joy. The presence of love, felt deep within the heart. Nothing else, can let the soul rest with peace. Whenever, your words become speechless, emotions invading your peace; say a silent prayer. Your worth is relevant, what others think irrelevant, to what your heart believes. Love and support, gives you a heart to lean on. Today, and every day: I Pray, love becomes that faithful friend. That won’t ever let your heart, feel abandoned, I’m your time of need!

“Whenever my busy thoughts, were out of control, the soothing comfort of your presence, calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight.”Psalms 94:19 TPT


Love, is That You?

Love, is that you, knocking at my heart? Is that your presence, peering into my soul? Is that you, in plain sight, waiting to take my breath? Is that you I feel, pressing up against my soul? Is it your allure, persuading my every heartbeat? Is it your breadth, breathing life into my soul? Is it your light, dancing within my gaze. Is it your smile, shining like the morning sun? Is it your hue, hovering so close to my heart? Is that your fragrance, lingering throughout the day? Is that your warmth, moving within every gentle breeze? Is it your voice, whispering within the stillness, speaking into my soul? Are you the endearing words, changing my perspective? Is the love I know a dream, or is it you awakening, provoking my endless daydreams? Are you the waves, the emotions crashing against my heart? Love, oh love, you must be an ocean, making every drowning breathlessly? Are you the pebble skimming, stirring my silent river, to become your deep river? Is it your peace, invading my thoughts? Are you the gentle nudge, pushing to know, the strength of my love? Are you the laugh, echoing within my joy? Are you the freedom, walking throughout my soul? Are you the song, playing the perfect melody? Are you the love, within my story, the word written upon my heart? Are you the spark, igniting love’s deepening passion? Are you the seed, embedded deep within my being? Are you the timeless flower, the love petals falling along my most intimate path? Are you the wings, making my soul soar. Are you the mist, making the rain fall from my eyes? Is it you that made, my heart beat for first time? Are you the thunder, beating within my chest? Love, my soul knows it’s You, but sometimes it seems. I’m getting to see, how you engage a heart, like it’s the very first time!


Songs of Freedom!

There’s a land, you may have heard about. A land, far across the sea. A dreamland, independent and free, Knocking on Heavens doors. Some hearts, live for the roots, the rock, the reggae. True Independence, comes when the heart is rooted, anchored to the rock. Souls dancing, the heart singing, songs of freedom. Even though, powers were Putting up Resistance. On August 6, 1962, Jamaica got its independence. From the mountain, to the ocean, Jamaicans were jamming. On this Caribbean island, we do it island style. Jamaica, has a rich history, her beauty is the tropics, beautiful sunrise the topic. Appealing lyrics, the melody sweetly holding you. So, Smile Jamaica, smile for you have independence. It’s Growing, love your freedom truly. I wish, you cherish every moment, your heart gets to breathe. My hope, we Stop the Fussing and the Fighting. Get up, Stand up. Brothers, treat your island girl, like a Nubian Queen. No if’s, no but’s. Crown her heart, with your love. She’s a lady, graced with her independence. Let her heart sing; you’re her favorite boy, that brings joy to her world!

A Love Thang, the Groovy Little Thing, you have going. Though, there’s Many Rivers to Cross. Hearts in love, will find a way over, wandering doesn’t mean lost. When Push Come to Shove, true love keeps holding on. Ringing through, every beat of your heart. Love, sweet and dandy, bubbles endlessly. The love, resting gently on your soul. Independent hearts thrive, a nation survives. With one voice, One love, One heart. United together, Nothing can Divide us. Wanting to be independent, never a Wait in Vain… for your love. Even though, the struggle is real. A beautiful love of freedom, what overcomes. Every day, Jamaicans have to thank God, for the gift. Being able independently sing, Songs of Freedom, as long as you live!

On August 6, 1962, Jamaica became an Independent Nation, and a member of the British Commonwealth. Jamaica is known to be the birthplace of reggae, Bob Marley, world’s fastest sprinters, Blue Mountain coffee, Red Stripe beer, Jamaican rum, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, majestic waterfalls. The national dish, ackee and saltfish. To all my fellow Jamaican bredren, and sistren, bless up. May the celebration of the nation’s day of independence, ring truly; God’s resounding love, and favor!


In The Stillness!

In the stillness of, my heart hears whispers. Beauty resounds, there’s breath within quiet love. A natural light reflects, my soul gazes, into the majestic wonder, the stillness. Love resides, breath is taken, in the quietness. Unwanted feelings, swayed by benevolent love. The hue, the texture, grazes gently aCross my heart. In the stillness, my soul learned to breathe, my heart desired to be, in love. In the silence, be still and know; love speaks, love lingers, love breathes. In plain sight, in small still whispers, love hovers. Bated breath, my soul waits to exhale, my heart waiting to catch another glimpse, when love smiles. Oceans of love, resting beautifully on my heart, to interpret, the poetic nuance. In the stillness, there’s a peaceful hush, a soul left speechless, the heart racing… breathlessly. Under the quiet, my soul dances. Me, myself, but I, am never alone. When, love has your heart in the spotlight, love slow dances with your soul. Vulnerability has strength, in love’s embrace. A heart empowered, love amplified. To help guide, revitalize, testify. Love is, profound whispers, in the Stillness!


Quote Me; A Loyal Love!

Her love showed, the beauty in her heart!

When love rings true, the soul melts, within a heart of gold!

A simple touch, of lasting love. A gentle embrace, of love’s profound expression. Moves the heart, takes the breath, and leaves the soul, with wonder!

Groom your heart, beautify your soul, but don’t forget, to manicure your thoughts!

People sometimes think, you can misplace loyalty. But, how can they truly know, you’re loyalty is misplaced? Maybe they just can’t see, your loyalty lies, exactly where you’ve chosen, to place it? Let your heart, leave a lasting mark, and your love, will never be misplaced!

Everything, is Right in the World, when Love is the Answer!


Of the Utmost!

Absolutely nothing, nothing will ever be able to separate Your love, from my heart. It’s so vital, vital to sustain, my every heartbeat. The love is forever, forever soaked in my being. And it’s deeply, deeply moving; moving throughout the depth, of the innermost. It’s doing, doing a work within soul, making it whole. Why I have to admit, admit to the whole world. It’s truly, truly undeniably; it’s the best love, my heart has ever known. Love is of the essence, for it’s in the essence; your soul finds the hue, of love’s crimson beauty. It’s absolute, absolutely pressing; every day to position the heart, and press into love… deeper. Yes, surely, surely my soul will never ever be the same. For my breath, my breath has been profoundly taken, and all my heart has been left with, the breadth of love. It’s oxygen, oxygen so my heart can truly fathom. Depth in an ocean, in this sea of love. Removing, removing the love from my soul, it would be a catastrophic event, of the Utmost!


Hearts in Bloom!

When, love speaks with tulips, the heart, dances through meadows. The soul, speaks for it needs to, the love, reciprocated because it needs to. My May flower, her love, lavished within the reign. Love’s passion, the fruits of our labor, cherished in every season. The changes, the beauty, hearts in bloom. Rose petals, in the shape of love. Violets hue, cascading the breadth therein. Love expressed, being naturally expressive. A true display, love’s deepest expression. The richest of love, blooms the most vibrant colors. The soul, feeling the sun rise. The heart, knowing the sun shines on love, on the cloudiest day. Love in bloom, emanates the fragrant affection, of love’s aroma. Love, at the heart of feeling, in an ever changing world. Forever in love, at the deepest roots. Love is the reason, hearts see a faithful bloom. When, the heart chases the butterflies, love attain wings, to fly. Love gazes at the sunflower, bask in subtlety, love’s perpetual afterglow. Love, will never be a bed of roses. But yet, the heart can be profoundly moved, by love’s endearing scent. Love is my baby, love is my wife, love is my forevermore. Hearts in bloom, will never be more loved, than in the moments, loving the essence!

Happy Anniversary, you are, my perennial love! May 28th, will be 34 years married, for my bride and I. When God’s love, is truly at the center, forever is attainable!


Lyrically Speaking!

Lyrical love, swaying hearts and minds. Leaning in, holding your gaze, tugging on your soul. The Mystique, the Mysterious allure; M and M, melting… into you. Love ballads, played in a symphonic way; instrumental. What’s love, got to do with it, Everything. The simplicity, propels the trajectory, into the beautiful array. Not every heart, is lyrically incline. But every heart, beats rhythmically inline, to the interwoven love song. Lyrically spoken, words of essence, speaks the quintessence. Love’s harmony, transparent with specificity. Words, spoken in humility, speaks to the heart. Speaks of the nature, to what’s relevant, when spoken from the heart. Humble expressions, won’t stretch the truth. Depth of vocabulary, never a factor. The flow compels, the heart swells, the rhythm moves, lyrically speaking!

Love, love is the reason. A soul rises in the morning, harmoniously. To passionately render, love’s true expression. In some hearts, the melody, deeply introverted, but the soul profoundly expensive. Real love, speak in volumes, not needing to seem impressive. The kind, that finds, ways to never be dismissive. Words, spoken in love, transcends space, and time. The poetry, love in motion. The rhyme, though no reason, there’s always a season… to shine. Every heart, knows how to writes, its own rendition, of Endless Love. The simplicity, what leaves an impression. Deep love sways, artistically. A portrait painted, the picture endearing; love portrayed, masterfully. Poetic love, emotionally expressed. The remnants, in a breathtaking hue. Love, swaying hearts and minds, with words; Lyrically Spoken!