The River!

My heart is a river, a silent river that is on a journey. For years my heart has tried to be this calm unstirred water; “thinking that I was the master of my own destiny!” But then came a love, along the journey my heart was forever captured by a love. This love collided with my heart, but with such gentleness. So therefore why did my heart get absolutely swept away? The love was so powerful, that it forever shifted my heart. This love was strong enough to leave my heart forever breathless, but yet never struggling to breathe!

This love has stirred up a tidal wave of emotions within the depth of my soul. So much so that the feelings overwhelms my heart like a tsunami. Taking my heart under… the boardwalk, and then back out to sea… that my heart is still just the river; “that needs an ocean to survive!” Now this love is poised, truly poised to forever capsize my soul! Oh my heart can feel the love, and it forever courses through my soul. After so many years on this journey, I can’t believe that my soul is still trying; “still trying to fathom how deep is this ocean?” This love is deep, and it wants to take my heart even deeper. So be still my soul, and know that there’s still many rivers to cross; “but this love will forever be my still water!”

My heart is the river, the river that can never again be truly silent! My heart is a river, that has found so much strength, submerged within the depth of this love! For this love has moved me, and this love is still moving me. A heart wide open, a heart forever exposed! My heart now knows why it truly exists. My heart truly exist for just one purpose; “to be forever one with this ocean!” So let the love flow, let the love flow down into my soul. Stir my heart, until even the ripples can overtake my soul! I Am… Just The River!


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