Your Love Is My Horizon!

When the rudder within my heart seems broken, and the darkness starts beating against my soul. While the waves tries to capsize my heart, trying to get my heart lost within the darkness. But though the darkness tries to blind my heart, and the waves tries to get my soul to drift off course. Your love is all I see, and it gives me the faith to walk on water in the darkness. So my heart will forever be still, and find my peace within Your love. For my heart knows the truth, and the truth is this. That Your love has always been the compass, the compass that will forever guide my soul. Your love is so strong, and the sheer magnetism of it draws my heart closer!

So therefore my heart will never truly be lost, forever lost within the darkness. For Your love has always been the light, the love that shines within my heart. So let the darkness beat against my soul, and let the waves try to overtake my heart, my heart has nothing to fear. For Your love is what gives my heart the courage, the fortitude to truly know; “that my heart will never be a slave to the darkness!” So I will let Your love continue to stretch my heart, until my soul becomes one, forever one with Your love. So I will seek to know Your heart, and forever keep moving towards Your horizon!

So I will keep my sails stretched wide, and vertical. To see that Your love has truly been firm, firmly wrapped around my heart. Your love is what steadies my soul, and it will always navigate my heart back to the center of Your love! Oh Your heart has been the love, the love that shines brightest within the horizon. So into Your love my heart will chart the course. For Your love has always been the truest part of my heart, and if my heart should ever again find itself broken. Towards Your love is where my soul will keep heading. Your love is my horizon, and Your heart will forever be my one true love. The only love that my heart will forever treasure. So my heart is ready, truly ready. To experience the depth, see the height, to be forever moved by the length and breadth of Your love. Then my heart will truly be lost, forever lost within Your love. So blow my sails, and free my soul. Then You will have free reign to move my heart, with just the strength of Your love!


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