When Words…

I can speak like an angel, but are my words still enough; “to speak life into your soul?” Even if I can write with absolute eloquence; “every time I put pen to paper, but if paper ceases to be!” Will my actions truly demonstrate, that my heart is the pen; “trying to leave its mark, forever upon your heart!” So therefore I ask you to read my words, not to feel moved. But just so you can get a glimpse into one heart; “a heart trying to inspire, with words!” I hope that my words can truly capture the poetic essence within words. That has been forever etched upon every heart, and has now found itself trapped within my soul! But before the true excellence within the heart can be revealed. The owner of that heart will need to allow the deeper meaning within words; “to permeate deep into their soul!” When Words…

Words have power, and there is true power within the spoken word. So I tell you my truth; “no word will have true and lasting power!” If those words don’t also have truth, emanating from within the words. For words will never have true power; “to even influence one heart, or to be able to change one mind!” A forever changed heart will never be from just words. For words by itself are still not enough to profoundly change a heart, but they can forever influence. My words are not great, true greatness is not something that you achieve with sheer will power. I believe that you will become greater; “when you allow the greatness residing within, the access needed to truly permeate the heart!” Being able to influence a heart with more than just words. Oh yeah; “that’s when the message within the words, becomes truly profound!” When Words…

So therefore ask yourself this simple question. Where can your heart turn to for truth, and everlasting inspiration; “when words just don’t seem to be enough?” So let your words speak truth, but not just to others. For those same words will also speak life into your own soul. For words have the ability to inspire you to achieve greatness, or they can truly be what forever agonize you, into everlasting defeat! We live in a cold climate, but that shouldn’t mean that our words have to ever reflect the coldness! So offer a warm word of encouragement to a heart in need; “you just might set a soul on fire!” When Words…

When your words have gotten to a place within your soul, that they can truly resonate within another heart. Without even having to utter a single word; “you will truly be in the very pursuit of greatness!” So let your words be a lighthouse that others can follow. Whenever they find themselves lost, within the darkness!

When Words… Are Not Enough!

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