Just A Man!

just a man!

Just a man. Putting on a pants one leg at a time, just a man. Is anyone really impressed? There’s absolutely nothing impressive about that man. A man needs to be more than just one legged; when it comes time to step up, when it’s time to show up. Some would rather just show off, but are they a man willing to take a stand; when it comes to matters of the heart? Just a man, learning how to stand; one leg at a time, that was the plan. A man will fall many times, just trying to stand. It’s not the falling that defines a man, but how many times you can still stand… up. A man doesn’t need to try to jump into his pants; trying to get both legs in at the same time!

Sometimes I felt like the one legged man, but I had a plan. To be a better man, for a love that makes my heart want to be true. So I made it a point to wear my heart on my sleeve, and try to keep the ego in my back pocket. But at times my back pocket was a bit too shallow. So my unrestrained ego would find a way to get out of my pocket, with only one desire; to wrestle with my heart. But that was before my heart knew how to think like a man. A boy to a man, on bended knees; praying that my heart would forever be true. I know who I am; I’m just the man. Watching as Your love just keeps rising higher and higher within my heart. Your love makes me a man, but truly a better man. That’s why my heart is going to love You… forever!


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