The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the eleventh day!

Cherish The Moments!

Ladies first, that’s what it says on the first page of my book. Don’t believe me,

just take a look on page one, paragraph one; it’s written on the first page of my heart!

This one is for the fellows. Bro, do your very best to put your lady first; for they are truly one of a kind. Well, that’s how my heart sees it, and before you can ever change my mind; you will first have to change my heart!

So tell me my sweet valentine; if I truly promised to keep your love as the only thing that stands out on the very first page of my heart. And learned how to be extra sensitive, as we together turn the pages on the next chapters of our lives. Would you truly see, that I’m taking the time; to cherish every bit of your love?

On the eleventh day of valentine my true love gave to me; a love that I could cherish… forever!

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