The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the second day!

My dearest love, every time I look upon thee; my heart does look upon thee with a starry gaze. Oh me, oh my, the beauty of thy love does take my breath away!

My sweetest love, my heart wants to gaze forever upon thy beauty, until the beauty within thy love; becomes all my heart does want to behold!

My sweetest joy, whenever I see thy face; such joy burst forth from within my heart. How thy smile does quicken my heart, with such a joyous delight!

My dearest, let my heart love thee forever. Thy love is the drum that beats my heart. Thy love does strike a cord, band together my heart and soul; play my heart and soul as thy love symphony!

On the second day of valentines my true love gave to me, a love; the dearest indeed!


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