The Strength, within your Courage!

Most people measure strength, by how much you can physically lift, carry or push. But true strength will always manifest itself; when you know how to Encourage and Strengthen those around you. So use that strength to show others; that they too have the ability to tap into that Power Source found deep within!

If need be, use your love to help them carry their heavy heart. They just need your love and support, until they’ve regained the strength; to believe in their own heart. If you lack the strength to lift them up, then just let them rest their heart on your love for a moment; the beat of your heart will help soothe a soul. Let the love give them the strength to believe in their own heartbeat; we all need a heart to lean on from time to time!

My friends, you are not alone; let my words be a source of strength and encouragement to your hearts. This love story is not only about the love within my life, but also the love I freely share with you; Friend!


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