The Message; Being Used!

Careful what you ask for, yes be mindful of what you pray for. We pray, asking to be used by God, but forget that we are still just a child, of God; a child doesn’t always know what they’re saying. Sure, we believe that we CAN do all things, but are we truly willing to DO all things?

• Don’t ask, if you’re not truly ready to be used.

• Don’t seek, and then hide when it’s time to be found.

• Don’t knock, if you’re not ready to go through the open door.

When you seek God, asking for something, remember that with that something; God also gave His love! If we forget to be thankful, yes, if we forget to be forever grateful, then God surely must feel like the one; being used!


Mathematics 101

Before my heart could breathe, there You were; testing my heart. Who knew that one plus one; would equal one… heartbeat. Your love subtracted the negativity; my heart became positively transformed. Your love was added as one, but then You carried five… times the love; into the depth of my soul. My heart didn’t have to add anything else into the equation. Your love is truly everything; plus nothing, minus nothing. My heart can’t even calculate Your worth; the variations are truly endless!

Trigonometry wasn’t my best subject, so please tell me this. How could this heart of mine ever extrapolate; the true length and breadth of Your love? School is in session, teach my heart; my soul is eager to take notes. The subject’s Your love, but I want to learn everything possible; about the intricacies of Your heart. I will study Your heart, and find out why Your love has become the only relevant fraction; to truly understand every facet of my soul?

Even when my heart is at rest, Your love is still at work within my soul; it’s all I dream about. Your love is greater than anything I’ve ever known, but never less than; amazing! Don’t ever subtract Your love from my heart, my soul would never be able to formulate that equation; nothing could ever be equal to Your heart. Your love seems to be multiplying endlessly within my heart. Your love has captured my imagination, but Your heart’s truly beyond my comprehension!

Let me sum it all up; nothing will ever be able to divide my heart from Your love; my heart will forever beat to the rhythm of Your love. The math is not difficult, when Your heart is at the center of the equation. The square root of two hearts, will forever be one… heartbeat; mathematics 101.



For years my heart and mind have wrestled with the notion; that less, is More? My heart truly hungers for more of Your love, but my mind struggles to accept; that less of my love, will truly give You More of my heart? The plain and simple truth is; for me to have More of You, I will need to make love less about me, and More about You!

How can I ever expect to have More of You, if what I pursue; makes You feel that it’s just about my needs. I once was blind, but now I see; less of me, will truly leave room for More of You. Knowing this has become half the battle, my mind will never have to fight; Your love has already won my heart.

My heart now has the opportunity to experience Your love at its abundance; less begets More, of Your amazing love. I will give You More of my love, but pledge to give You; All of my heart. But I won’t stop, until You don’t just have all my heart; but also every bit of my love!



I hear a voice; Your love is the voice that puts words into my heart.

I hear a voice; Your love is the only voice that has ever made sense to my heart.

I hear a voice; Your love is the pulse within my heartbeat, the rhythm that gives my heart a voice.

I hear a voice; Your love is now the only voice my heart truly wants to hear.

I hear voices, but these voices are not within my head; these voices are every facet of Your love, speaking within my soul.

I have a voice, but I don’t want my words to be what others hear. I need them to know that Your love is the voice; that speaks through my every word. The voice with a gentle whisper, small, still; voices!



Are you broken and hurt, run into the open arms; come.

Overwhelmed by the weight of this life, there’s peace for your troubled heart; come.

Does your heart thirst for something more, there’s a well that will fill your soul; come.

Do you want to trade your sorrows for joy… unspeakable; come.

There’s beauty within ashes, from the ashes a heart is made new; come.

When you’ve finally come to the end of yourself. That’s the place where you will find comfort for the brokenness, a refuge from life, water for your thirsty soul, and joy to trade for your sorrows. Jesus is waiting with arms wide open; Come!


March Madness!

Do you March to the beat of your own heart, or is love the reason why you go above and beyond? Show how big your heart is, don’t let nine to twelve ounces; define the size of your heart. Showcase every bit of your love, show off the beauty within your heart. Your heart may not be the eighth wonder of the world, but show that your love is a true phenomenon; that should be showcased on every highlight reel!

March Madness is here; but let the love within your heart steal the show! So let love be the championship ring you wear around your heart; the true symbolism of an unwavering commitment. Consistently touch each other’s heart, even if it’s just dribbles of love. Love is a contact sport, make your hearts connect, but guard your heart; don’t let another love steal the show!

There’s no need to ever keep score, love will never be a slam dunk. Instead lay-up the negativity; don’t worry if you try, but miss the mark. The MVP will never be the most talented, or even the one who tries the hardest. Hard work with dedication, will always make love the winner; there’s no I in team. Stop the madness, don’t let love be a game you play. Let the madness be the passion; that consumes your heart, and sets your soul on fire!


The Extravagant Love!

My heart wants to be an extravagant lover, a heart lacking no restraints; a heart willing to give You everything. A heart like a lovesick warrior, that’s lost control of his heart; only to find it safe within Your extravagant love. So let me lavish my love upon You, until my heart wants to spend the stolen moments; lost forever within the gaze of Your extravagant love. A love that doesn’t cost anything, will therefore be worth nothing; if it’s not an extravagant love!

Oh my heart is gushing, yes, my heart is absolutely blushing; You’re touching my heart with Your extravagant love. This love is precious, truly a treasure; it’s my treasured love. Your love is abundant, greatly exceeded; my heart is exceedingly moved, by Your extravagant love. People might think that this is over the top, but this could never be too much. My heart is just trying to explain; this extravagant love!