Beauty; Within The Silence!

The beauty within Your love is absolutely breathtaking; my soul is speechless. My love is getting to know Your heart, but my soul and Your love are getting intimate within the silence. Let Your love speak into my soul; my heart is ready to share Your love with the world. Oh, but how will I be able to speak, speak about the beauty; talking about Your love leaves my heart breathless? But let it, let Your love take every single breath within my lungs. Your love has always been the beauty, within the silence!

Your love gives my heart a voice, Your love is the voice; that speaks from within my soul. Don’t ever again, let my heart be silent; unless it’s the moments when my heart just needs to listen. Two ears, one heart; my soul is breathlessly listening, to the stillness of Your love. My heart is mesmerized, maybe because my soul is in awe; there’s been so much beauty, within the silence!

I must take control of my mind, but allow Your love to take control of my heart. How can I ever expect to lose control of my soul; if Your love isn’t first in control of my heart? Your love fills the void within the silent places of my soul. What else can I do, what else can I say. I already said; I’m speechless!


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