The Extravagant Love!

My heart wants to be an extravagant lover, a heart lacking no restraints; a heart willing to give You everything. A heart like a lovesick warrior, that’s lost control of his heart; only to find it safe within Your extravagant love. So let me lavish my love upon You, until my heart wants to spend the stolen moments; lost forever within the gaze of Your extravagant love. A love that doesn’t cost anything, will therefore be worth nothing; if it’s not an extravagant love!

Oh my heart is gushing, yes, my heart is absolutely blushing; You’re touching my heart with Your extravagant love. This love is precious, truly a treasure; it’s my treasured love. Your love is abundant, greatly exceeded; my heart is exceedingly moved, by Your extravagant love. People might think that this is over the top, but this could never be too much. My heart is just trying to explain; this extravagant love!


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