March Madness!

Do you March to the beat of your own heart, or is love the reason why you go above and beyond? Show how big your heart is, don’t let nine to twelve ounces; define the size of your heart. Showcase every bit of your love, show off the beauty within your heart. Your heart may not be the eighth wonder of the world, but show that your love is a true phenomenon; that should be showcased on every highlight reel!

March Madness is here; but let the love within your heart steal the show! So let love be the championship ring you wear around your heart; the true symbolism of an unwavering commitment. Consistently touch each other’s heart, even if it’s just dribbles of love. Love is a contact sport, make your hearts connect, but guard your heart; don’t let another love steal the show!

There’s no need to ever keep score, love will never be a slam dunk. Instead lay-up the negativity; don’t worry if you try, but miss the mark. The MVP will never be the most talented, or even the one who tries the hardest. Hard work with dedication, will always make love the winner; there’s no I in team. Stop the madness, don’t let love be a game you play. Let the madness be the passion; that consumes your heart, and sets your soul on fire!


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