Look left, look to the right; not the focus, for my heart. Whenever I need to know what direction, the look is not down, but Up. So many hearts, are focused on the distraction; life… has a way of getting our attention. Why, I try not to lose focus; what love is trying to do… in me? If my heart ever does, it’s brought right back into focus. To never lose sight, what love truly means. A soul can never truly have a clear focus, if the heart not therefore focused; on seeing though all the distractions. Come they may, but may they not become… the focus. A heart can believe it has sight, but seeing is worthless; without a clear insight. The ability to still see truth, when your heart has lost sight… of what truly matters. The focus, not about keeping score. Never to sweat the small stuff, but at the same time; try not to overlook the little things!

Many say, they know love, but yet cannot see; when it’s no longer the focus. Even with eyes wide open, a heart can still stumble in the dark. Love lost, because the heart hasn’t yet learned how; to always let love light the way. Love is seen, through many different lenses; but the focus, not on the true condition of the heart? The lens, might be the love broken, but not seeing a heart devastated. Some lens, may seem in focus; but out of touch… with the true reality. The love can seem laser focused, and even though hope is lost… in the shadows; forever, still has to be the aim. From time to time, take an in depth look within, a full analysis of what… your heart needs to know. A squint, means problems seeing; lint, means the fabric fraying. The love, in need of some attention. Every day, fill up your heart, with real love. Thirst for more of it daily, never let the cup… run dry!

Failing, to capture the truth of love; how the lens gets blurred. Making hard to read, what’s written on the wall, and an opportunity closing. I will never question, what your heart is not ready to see. Will never be in a position to judge, what you choose to believe. My heart has many stumbles, but every day I rise; with the focus remaining the same. A heart in service, to the true meaning of love. This I have come to know, love is not just a feeling; that passes like the wind, it’s so much more than that. True love is seen, beyond what is felt. To become something, your soul believes in. Beyond what you believe… can only exist, in just plain sight. The essence, that forms the truth of what makes love real? Knowing that love hovers, over the surface of the deep… er meaning there in. So many hearts believe, you fall out of love. That’s because love, was just a feeling. That never became a choice, to see beyond… the surface!


17 thoughts on “Focus!

  1. “From time to time, take an in depth look within, a full analysis of what… your heart needs to know.”

    I think there’s never more a greater time than now, to do that. Starting the “New” year with renewed focus, renewed purpose, refocused insight in God’s love. It’s all about His love…

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