Deep Places!

My heart has attained much, but my soul seen just a glimpse… into the deep. Therein lies insight, therein lies truth; into the true heart of love. In the overflow, in the depth; into a deeper place. Deep within a river, the deepest part an ocean. A deep stream of water; running deep down. Underneath what was long ago, beneath the flowing current. At the center of it all, a deeper kind of love. Fear to faith, weakness to strength; power within the flow. Deep in the river, taking a deep breath; with such a deep feeling; in the deepest part of the soul. Water will never soothe the heart, unless it can truly quench the soul… in a deeper place!

Knowing the true experience, a soul getting new revelation. The Proverbial, doesn’t explain the beauty. The Rhetorical, will never capture the essence. What is Perceived, by a heart not deceived. A soul truly enlightened, by what is revealed. Drowning, not about losing breath; but losing sight, of what your soul needs to breathe… within a deeper place. The true meaning of love, the breadth beneath words; through the deeper understanding. Alive will never be more than just living, if life is only lived… through just a breath. The truth within love, will set a heart free. But only in-depth, can a soul truly know the freedom therein. Love lost, could never be Lost in Love. Just lost, without true meaning of love found. The truth held forever, in the deep places of heart!

Discerning eyes, are meaningless; without the discerning heart… love provides. You cannot see, what the heart doesn’t also want to believe. Suddenly can occur, when a sudden shift takes place; heart and soul. A heart moved, but a soul now in… a deeper place. Love, taking the heart deeper. Until love is no longer about you, but the deep, deep places; love is trying to take the soul. We have to cultivate love, in order to truly demonstrate… the true meaning. Reciprocate, what might seem unfathomable… to the undisciplined heart. Yet truly knowable, unveiled deep within; the profound places of love. Deeper, not about swimming; but a breathless drowning… in love. It’s not about being confident, but in whom you put your confidence? Deep, calls onto deep. A move, underneath your every breath. A heart can go to deep places, but the soul has to first take in; an even deeper breadth… of love!


21 thoughts on “Deep Places!

  1. Beautiful words. It reminds of the verse that says, “Deep calls unto deep at the noise of your waterfalls; all your waves and billows have gone over me.” (Psalms 42:7). The next verse states that the Lord will command His loving kindness in the day and His song in the night. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. “Water will never soothe the heart, unless it can truly quench the soul… in a deeper place!” So very true…so much truth within this post. We will never be able to truly survive without that Living Water found in Christ Jesus.

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  3. permanency longevity “Water desire under no circumstances soothe the heart, except that may surely quench the soul… in a deeper place!” So altogether true…so tons truth inside it post. We pleasure certainly not keep in a position according to certainly continue to exist without to that amount Living Water located between Christ Jesus.

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