My Treasured Love!

Your love has a voice, and it has forever captured my imagination; but within my heart it still hasn’t truly become my one desire. So I must confess, that my heart sometimes struggles; just to block out the distractions of this world. Just so my soul can hear one thing; the heart of my one true love. The small still voice that whispers love within the depth of my soul. A gentle whisper that moves along the breath of Your love; forever blowing my mind, even within my day dreams. A love that moves throughout every beat of my heart. But sometimes I don’t even take the time to realize; that Your love has also been the very air I breathe. If I don’t remember to breathe in Your love, then how would I ever know that I have it within my heart to breathe out that love? That’s why I forever need Your love, to be a part of every single breath I take!

So let Your love call my heart, even closer; just so Your love can speak into my soul. Until Your love becomes the one thing my heart can truly hear. I fell in love with You the moment my heart was absolutely smitten by Your love. Oh Your heart is a treasure, oh Your heart is my treasured love. So won’t You continue to move my heart? Until Your love becomes the one thing; the only thing my soul truly desires. My love knows Your heart, but my soul is still getting to know the deeper parts of Your love. To be that much closer to You, that would be my everything. If only my heart could block out every distraction. Then my soul could walk hand in hand with Your love; throughout the cool of the day. Moments to treasure, as my heart truly gets to know Your love. Oh, that is the one thing, You are my one thing. Your love is truly everything, Your heart will forever be; My Treasured Love!


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