What If?

What if I held you forever; would my heart still be able to breathe?

What if my heart felt overwhelmed with a tidal wave of emotions; would the air within my lungs truly be enough to sustain my heart?

What if just seeing the stars shimmer while gazing into the moonlight stopped my heart; would my heart still feel so amazingly alive?

What if the rhythm of my heart was erratic; would anyone truly be able to find a steady heartbeat?

What if, what if? What if I would just stop holding my breath; then how could I breathe?


3 thoughts on “What If?

    1. Thanks for the support and comment! Congrats; you’re the first to comment on one of my posts!
      Because you’re the first, I’m going to decide one of the quotes I wrote to you, it’s called; Make it a Routine!

      If we never make doing what matters most a routine. Then routinely what matters most; will never truly be worth doing!

      WCR 😊


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