The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the ninth day!

Rock Paper Scissors, is a game that people play; when they’re trying to figure out what’s in a heart? But I don’t need to play games; to know that Your love will always be the rock. So take me by the hand, for Your love already has me by the heart; Your love is what rocks my soul. Use Your love to chisel away the rough edges, chisel your way through this heart of stone; make all the jagged edges smooth!

Some days my love can be silly, but most days my heart is just like putty; being molded within the gentleness of Your love. So rock me within my heart, rock me to the depth my soul. Blow my mind, just like a feather; being blown away by every breath of Your love.

On the ninth day of valentine my true love gave to me, a love; solid as a rock!

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