The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the eighth day!

I am so infatuated with Your name; every night my heart calls it out within my dreams!

My love is captivated with Your inner beauty; now my heart is forever locked within Your gaze!

Your love is so addictive; twelve steps, and my heart still can’t seem to break my addiction!

Your heart is simply irresistible; I want to touch it, not just admire it from a distance!

Your spirit is so infectious, but I’m absolutely sickened; that my heart used to keep Your love at arm’s length!

Your presence is mesmerizing; can I please stay dazed within it forever?

Your love sees so deep into my soul; not even a broken heart stays hidden from Your loving gaze!

Your voice is so soothing, say my name say my name; let my love forever be on Your lips!

On the eighth day of valentine my true love gave to me; a love so amazing!


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