The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the seventh day!

Heart, why are you so hopeless? You can’t even control your own heartbeat; you’re always skipping a beat. So heart it’s truly safe to say; that you’re absolutely hopeless!

Heart why do you have to be so giddy, you’re not even a kid anymore; so heart that’s why I have to call you hopeless!

Heart is there any hope for you, or are you absolutely determined to live this way; for a lifetime? Heart it’s absolutely fair to say; that you will truly forever be hopeless!

Every morning you get up smiling, knowing that you’re extremely blessed; just to open your eyes, and see the beautiful sunshine… right next to you! Heart you’re early to rise, but heart, it’s truly astonishing just to see; that you can still manage to be so hopeless, even at six o’clock in the morning!

Heart I’m just completely lost for words, and I’m trying to put you into words; but it absolutely seems as if you’re just too hopeless… ly, in love!

On the seventh day of valentines my true love gave to me, a heart; hopelessly devoted!


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