The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the fifth day!

Hon, can my heart, and your love go on a date tonight? Babe it’s love month; you’re my valentines. So how about dinner, and a show; I want to show you my heart. Hon, it’s not movie night, but I hope that my love can still move you; girl you’re still my leading lady. So girl let’s not worry if it’s dinner by candlelight, instead lets dine under the moonlight; so I can gaze at the stars within your eyes!

Girl this is our valentines date night, and my heart wants to show you a good time. So honey feel free to laugh out loud, if my love still tickles your fancy; I still love to see you smile. So babe, don’t be surprised, if from time to time I stop; just to admire your love, and gaze endlessly into your heart. Hon love is in the air; between my heart, and my soul. So girl, give me a second to breathe it all in. Woman, I don’t know if my heart will ever be able to exhale anytime soon. Candy girl, my chocolate love; my heart is still sweet on you!

On the fifth day of valentine my true love gave to me, a love so sweet; that my heart still can’t help, but to be wrapped up within this love!


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