The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the fourth day!

• iTrade You my heart; just so my heart can know real love.

• iTrade You my time; just so my heart can give You my undivided attention.

• iTrade You my hands, just so You can take hold of my heart; keep it close to Your love, now and forevermore.

• iTrade You my eyes; just so You can keenly peer into the depth of my soul.

• iTrade You my thoughts, a mind is a terrible thing to waste; I want to be able to remember every bit of Your love.

• iTrade You my soul; who really needs a soul, if a love like Yours isn’t also in it?

• iTrade You my voice; just so I can hear Your love speak endlessly into my soul.

• iTrade You my breathe; better yet, take it all. I will just lose my breath again, the very moment I step into Your presence.

iTrade You everything, for they would truly be worth nothing; if You ever took Your love from my heart. So open up Your fountain, fill my heart with just a drop of Your love; that’s all I need, for my soul to feel forever Yours!

On the fourth day of Valentines my true gave to me, a love; that gives me everything!


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