The Beast Within!

Your love gives me the ability to be the man you love, with the freedom to be a man in love.

Revealing the vulnerability within one’s heart can sometimes be a scary place, but I’ve never had that problem; my heart has never been a slave to fear.

Love is truly a beautiful thing, and I know that I’ve failed a few times at this thing called love; but I hope that my love has never made you feel like you’ve been hurt, by a beastly heart?

My heart is at a place in life, and I feel that Your love has unlocked the cage I’ve placed around my heart. Your undying love has always been the one thing; to tame this heart of mine.

Your love is the beauty within, but if my love ever became too tame; let Your love arouse the beast within. So my heart can show You, that I now know; that my love was always meant to be, the beast within!


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