For years my heart and mind have wrestled with the notion; that less, is More? My heart truly hungers for more of Your love, but my mind struggles to accept; that less of my love, will truly give You More of my heart? The plain and simple truth is; for me to have More of You, I will need to make love less about me, and More about You!

How can I ever expect to have More of You, if what I pursue; makes You feel that it’s just about my needs. I once was blind, but now I see; less of me, will truly leave room for More of You. Knowing this has become half the battle, my mind will never have to fight; Your love has already won my heart.

My heart now has the opportunity to experience Your love at its abundance; less begets More, of Your amazing love. I will give You More of my love, but pledge to give You; All of my heart. But I won’t stop, until You don’t just have all my heart; but also every bit of my love!


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