Mathematics 101

Before my heart could breathe, there You were; testing my heart. Who knew that one plus one; would equal one… heartbeat. Your love subtracted the negativity; my heart became positively transformed. Your love was added as one, but then You carried five… times the love; into the depth of my soul. My heart didn’t have to add anything else into the equation. Your love is truly everything; plus nothing, minus nothing. My heart can’t even calculate Your worth; the variations are truly endless!

Trigonometry wasn’t my best subject, so please tell me this. How could this heart of mine ever extrapolate; the true length and breadth of Your love? School is in session, teach my heart; my soul is eager to take notes. The subject’s Your love, but I want to learn everything possible; about the intricacies of Your heart. I will study Your heart, and find out why Your love has become the only relevant fraction; to truly understand every facet of my soul?

Even when my heart is at rest, Your love is still at work within my soul; it’s all I dream about. Your love is greater than anything I’ve ever known, but never less than; amazing! Don’t ever subtract Your love from my heart, my soul would never be able to formulate that equation; nothing could ever be equal to Your heart. Your love seems to be multiplying endlessly within my heart. Your love has captured my imagination, but Your heart’s truly beyond my comprehension!

Let me sum it all up; nothing will ever be able to divide my heart from Your love; my heart will forever beat to the rhythm of Your love. The math is not difficult, when Your heart is at the center of the equation. The square root of two hearts, will forever be one… heartbeat; mathematics 101.


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