My Superwoman!

Your love can truly melt my cold, insensitive heart, with just a gaze of those beautiful eyes; you must truly be a Superwoman? You’re a simple woman, but I just love your incredible strength; you’re my Superwoman. Even when I didn’t realize I had traces of kryptonite protruding from within the crevices of my heart. The strength of your love was still so strong; it had the ability to render my foolish heart absolutely powerless. You are truly a Superwoman, and my heart is simply glowing; just being in your presence!

Beyond the surface no one in this world truly knows who you are, they just don’t see you the way I do. You’re more than just a mother and a wife. They just can’t see it, they just can’t see the strength within. So how could they ever possibly know that you’re my Superwoman? Woman you are absolutely super, but more than even that; you’re an exceptional person, through and through. Super is my way of saying, that you’re more than just a woman; you’re also my lady. Superwoman your love is stronger than my words could ever articulate; your love is also a tower of strength. I couldn’t even leap over it in a single bound!

Superwoman, my love is an unstoppable locomotive; but my heart just can’t seem to outrun your love. Woman, your love is always there to rescue my heart; whenever I find myself in absolute need. How do you continue to do this incredible feat time after time? Superwoman you’re so fly, I saw your love from a distance. It was seen in the horizon, but it was first felt deep within my heart; your strength is truly remarkable. So let me ask you this question, do you ever forget your own thoughts, just looking into my eyes? Has my love even left you speechless; whenever you remove your glasses, and look keenly into the depth of my soul?

Woman, it didn’t take a lifetime for your love to find me. But you better believe that it’s going to take the rest of this life; to prove that I still deserve every bit of your love. To show you how Super I truly think you are. Superwoman, I know that you could never really appreciate me; more than I truly appreciate how special you are. You’re absolutely one of a kind, you don’t need to hide your heart behind your glasses. I prayed for a woman, but instead I got a Superwoman!

Woman I love you, very much in love with you; my world needs you. Woman you will never have to rescue my soul. Just allow the radiance within my love, to be a source of strength; that can rely on to power your heart, day after day!


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