The Gravity!

Can anyone see, can anyone see that my heart is floating; floating within the gravity of Your love? The force of Your love is so attractive to my heart, Your love just won’t let go of my heartstrings. It seems like forever, as far back as I can remember; my heart is being pulled, into the center of Your love. As a child, I was taught the concept of relativity, but that concept seems to be utterly irrelevant. My heart is utterly amazed, the very laws that governs my universe; does not seem to apply to Your love!

There’s this lighthearted motion within my soul, a gravitational pull drawing my heart; it’s the strength of Your love. Pulling on my heart so gently, the gentleness; takes my every breath. Take my very soul, to the absolute edge of Your love; let it stay right there. Until Your love takes complete hold of my heart, and my heart can’t help but to fall forever, into Your love. It seems as if You want the entire world to watch my heart; plummet into the very depth of Your love?

The intensity is great, but at the very same time; it’s with such an eloquence and grace, that’s part of the gravity. The emotions are strong, it’s a fight sometimes to keep it together. Welled up tears sometimes falls, I just don’t know why me; it must be the gravity. If Your love was to come any closer to my heart? Everyone would surely see why the tears fall, it’s the overwhelming gravity; that Your love knows my name. So therefore let the gravity be, the love that takes every breath from within my lungs. Then let the absolute same gravity, be felt throughout my very soul!

Let Your love be the one and only substance that fills. Let the life that beats my heart be, just Your love. The life that has become my air, the true sustaining presence; the breath within. The oxygen, drifting between my heart and my soul. Your love just won’t let my heart drift away into the darkness. Your love is the light, the light that eclipses every bit of darkness; the light that forever emanating within. If I could get just a glimpse into Your heart, the problems I see looking from a distance; would truly seem so small. That becomes the true gravity, of Your love!

Day after day I find my heart at the edge of tomorrow, but I will forever embrace the newness of the day. For my heart would never truly feel alive, if not for Your love. So, is anyone truly starting to see the gravity, can anyone truly understand the gravity of this love? My heart just can’t breathe without this love, this is the gravity; within the depth of this love. The very reason why I’m living, the reason why I’m even breathing. The only reason why, I’ve even been given this heart. Can anyone truly see the gravity, weightlessness fills my heart. My breath this is, my air it will forever be. The story I have been called to tell, that is the gravity; that now becomes, my heart!


22 thoughts on “The Gravity!

  1. “Day after day I find my heart at the edge of tomorrow, but I will forever embrace the newness of the day.”

    Beautiful and honest writing, Warren. May the good Lord continue to bless you and fill your heart with love.

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