A Song Inspired; Under The Canopy!

Your love is the covering, our security; a love that covers. Your love is the awning, a love renewed at the break of every dawning. Night or day, a protection can be found; within Your love. A shelter, the refuge; a hiding place. Your love is the safe haven that hearts can run to; when the storms of life, gets to be more than a heart can bear. A love so transparent, being able to see how much Your love covers; show how truly big Your heart is.

Your love doesn’t have a glass ceiling, shattered hearts can find safety within the covering. A place that covers every kind of brokenness. Forever, that becomes the unbreakable, everlasting bond; the canopy!

My friends, whatever situation within your life needs to be met, just ask, seek to find; that you’re covered. Your marriage; covered. Your kids; covered. Your future; covered. Even when it seems like it’s about to rain, even when the rain just won’t stop pouring; from your eyes. There’s a love that truly has you covered, stay under the canopy; let God’s love forever be, your covering!

Song excerpt:

Your love has taken over me. Father, I’ve learned to depend on you. I have confidence in you, in you oh Lord, I put my trust!

  • This post was inspired by a song with the same title, by Frank Edwards. Special shout out to Tammy @ God Inspired Art for posting this song on her website. From time to time I will put up a song inspired post. Hope that it was a blessing!

  • Thank you!
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  • I Will Love You!

    When I think about all that You are, all that Your love is. Words are just the beginning, a grateful heart; will still never be the end. For years people have asked; “how do I come up with so many things to write about?” They truly didn’t know, they just couldn’t see; it wasn’t the how, but always the who. Even if I could explain, the understanding would still be the dilemma; the love moves, and my heart puts it into words!

    It has never been about thinking, or even about feeling; feelings can change, just like the wind. For me this is about doing, showing; that love is truly a never ending story. My heart could write a thousand stories, and not even struggle; to write ten thousand more. My heart is not special, but why do anything; if you’re not truly willing to do everything? The beauty within is not my will, but a presence that moves. Unseen is the love, the fabric woven within; permanently wrapped around my heart. Breathing becomes the air, love is in the air; why I breathe!

    Even when I’m alone within the busyness of the day, the stillness becomes my soul, listening; then my heart writes, endlessly. I could not have imagined, or conjured up this within a dream. The true essence of love doesn’t become, it just is; everything. The joy, the touch, the reign; the love I know, is the love the world needs to know. Every single heartbeat has a story, I’m just willing; to share mine!

    Lord, I will love You for the earth under my feet. I will love You for the sun I see, the son I feel. I will love You for the falling rain, even the rain; that falls from my eyes. I will love You, for a heart that knows how to break. My eyes have seen much, my heart breaks; then comes the falling rain. Nevertheless, I will love You for the air, the breath that has always been Your love. The sweetness that permeates within, emotional has been the journey. I hope, that my heart has also been; Your joy?


    The Gravity!

    Can anyone see, can anyone see that my heart is floating; floating within the gravity of Your love? The force of Your love is so attractive to my heart, Your love just won’t let go of my heartstrings. It seems like forever, as far back as I can remember; my heart is being pulled, into the center of Your love. As a child, I was taught the concept of relativity, but that concept seems to be utterly irrelevant. My heart is utterly amazed, the very laws that governs my universe; does not seem to apply to Your love!

    There’s this lighthearted motion within my soul, a gravitational pull drawing my heart; it’s the strength of Your love. Pulling on my heart so gently, the gentleness; takes my every breath. Take my very soul, to the absolute edge of Your love; let it stay right there. Until Your love takes complete hold of my heart, and my heart can’t help but to fall forever, into Your love. It seems as if You want the entire world to watch my heart; plummet into the very depth of Your love?

    The intensity is great, but at the very same time; it’s with such an eloquence and grace, that’s part of the gravity. The emotions are strong, it’s a fight sometimes to keep it together. Welled up tears sometimes falls, I just don’t know why me; it must be the gravity. If Your love was to come any closer to my heart? Everyone would surely see why the tears fall, it’s the overwhelming gravity; that Your love knows my name. So therefore let the gravity be, the love that takes every breath from within my lungs. Then let the absolute same gravity, be felt throughout my very soul!

    Let Your love be the one and only substance that fills. Let the life that beats my heart be, just Your love. The life that has become my air, the true sustaining presence; the breath within. The oxygen, drifting between my heart and my soul. Your love just won’t let my heart drift away into the darkness. Your love is the light, the light that eclipses every bit of darkness; the light that forever emanating within. If I could get just a glimpse into Your heart, the problems I see looking from a distance; would truly seem so small. That becomes the true gravity, of Your love!

    Day after day I find my heart at the edge of tomorrow, but I will forever embrace the newness of the day. For my heart would never truly feel alive, if not for Your love. So, is anyone truly starting to see the gravity, can anyone truly understand the gravity of this love? My heart just can’t breathe without this love, this is the gravity; within the depth of this love. The very reason why I’m living, the reason why I’m even breathing. The only reason why, I’ve even been given this heart. Can anyone truly see the gravity, weightlessness fills my heart. My breath this is, my air it will forever be. The story I have been called to tell, that is the gravity; that now becomes, my heart!


    The Lighthouse!

    Whenever you find yourself lost within a fog, God’s love is the light. Finding His love is a journey, you may not know just where your heart is taking you. To broaden the horizon, sail into your tomorrow; let God’s love be the lighthouse!

    First, you need to open up your heart, unlock your true potential; God’s love is the key. Just remember, the heart is a beacon, hone into your calling; let God’s love forever be the lighthouse. Follow the compass of your beating heart, let the journey be your blessing; allow God’s love to be your lighthouse!

    The light of God’s love may seem far, but the distance is just six inches; from the ear to the heart. Listen for His voice, let the light of His love show your heart the way. The distance, will truly be overcome, by hope; God’s love is the lighthouse!

    Don’t ever lose hope, stay the course; let faith be your everlasting guide. Finding God’s love is a beautiful journey, it will take your heart beyond the stars. But if you should ever lose your way, the light of God’s love will never lead your heart astray. Follow the light within, let God’s love forever be the light. That takes your heart home; into the loving arms of The One, who truly loves you!

    “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavily burdened [by religious rituals that provide no peace], and I will give you rest [refreshing your souls with salvation].” MATTHEW‬ ‭11:28‬ ‭AMP‬‬


    The Dance!

    Love can sometimes be like an intense dance, but even within the dance: you still have to know how to give and take, sometimes even how to be led. Don’t ever make it be about the right, or the wrong; foot… notes are just technicalities. This is not the two step, but learning how to move as one; of heart. Sure, I know that men and women like different kinds of dances, but one thing is very clear; they both know how to tango!

    On Mars, my dance of choice is the Rumba. The hip movements create an intense bodily expression, with a rhythmic flow. Some call it swag, the neck action; women have that movement totally covered. On Venus, I’m sure that the Salsa would probably be the dance of choice. It shows off all of the spicy hot connotations. Now on my planet, deep within; I try to keep things calm, civilized. You can definitely see the hips turning, but underneath; cool as it goes. My dance style, never hot like fire. I know the art of how to tango, without saying a word!

    On Venus, it seems like it’s all about the drama, but I know that it’s all about trying; to express the feeling deep inside. Our planets surely do rotate on different axles, but that doesn’t mean; that we have to tango. Sure, we’re both very passionate, spirited. At times the movements can even seem a bit insensitive, maybe without feelings. I assure you, I’m not looking to cue the violin; classy, can still be a nice tango. A tantalizing experience, a love out loud kind of a feeling; the dance of love. My only intentions, is to slow dance with your heart; forever!

    So friends, if you must do the dance, remember; the tango is a dance, that takes two. Step out on the dance floor, the ballroom is where I do my best Rumba. Ladies, show your man your best Salsa moves if you must? But at some point, both of you still need to learn how to dance; to the rhythm of each others heart beat. Men, never let your funky “hip” action, be a behavior abrupt or harsh. Even if it’s coming from a passionate place, even if it’s deeply felt. Be extremely hip to her feelings, use your big boy words!

    We all know how to dance to the beat of our own hearts, but keep the tango to a slow dotted duple rhythm. Dance together, let the rhythm get you. Let true love be your resolve, don’t slip; trying to outdo. Tango, but let love be the true lasting emotion. Sometimes, we just can’t avoid the tango. Al final, siempre beso y maquillaje (in the end, always kiss and makeup); immediately after the dance. Don’t ever leave the dance floor, without your partner by your side. It doesn’t matter how much the two planets don’t align, it doesn’t mean that the twinkling within the stars; can’t be the love that orbits, both hearts!


    2nd Blogger Recognition Award!

    I would like to thank Priscilla Shamin @ Writer’s Choice for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Awards. She is a writer and artist, with a wonderful heart. Her blog is worth reading, and following; don’t hesitate to visit her site priscillashamin12.wordpress.com !

    The rules are:

    1. Write a post to show your award.
    2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
    4. Give two piece of advice for new bloggers.
    5. Select other bloggers you want to give this award to.
    6. Nominate 2-3 bloggers who you believe deserve to be recognized.
    7. Comment on their blogs, to let the nominees know they have been nominated.

  • My Answers:

    Why blogging? Well, it all started back in 1976 when I took my first flight on an airplane, and I knew then I would share my story on the internet. Wait 🤔, wrong story; the internet wasn’t around then, just another episode involving my crazy imagination!

    Seriously folks, I started blogging because my heart had a story to tell; God has hearts for me to reach. I’ve been writing for about eight plus years, during that time my family and friends have been asking me to share my writing. I didn’t feel that it was the right time, I feel led that 2018 is the year chosen. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not blogging for notoriety. This story is about God’s love, and compassion. The influence is about how His love has made a difference within my heart, and how that love can impact the hearts of the reader; with a story that will speak into the hearts of others. Not with my words, but with A word, that will point hearts in the direction, of the changer of hearts!

    My advice, take hold of today, tomorrow was never truly promised! Take hold of your heart, don’t ever worry about the battles you face. True strength can forever be yours, when you realize that true strength comes from the courage. To face the battles of life, with your God given strength; found within! This is my advice to you, and to yours! God Bless!

    My Nominees:

    Margaret from soulfood 101 blog

    • Margaret is wonderful Lady that truly loves God. I am honoured to recognize her for this award!

  • Eclipse Words

    • Aishwarya, has great material. Her post are well researched, full of content, and will challenge you to think about what you have read. I am honoured to recognize her for this award!

  • Please note: participation for the nominees is truly optional, the recognition was for your heart; feel free to decline if you wish to do so!

    God Bless!



    First, I would like to thank all those who have nominated me for an award, I truly do appreciate all the love, support and recognition. Over the past month I’ve been nominated for a few awards, some I have declined. My schedule is crazy busy, and it’s been very difficult to find the time to participate in these awards. That said, if time permits; from time to time will accept, and post when possible. For all those who have nominated me, I will be posting throughout this month. Thank you for all the love!

    Ok, I would like to thank Neal Hansen @ Love Through Blog for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Awards. Neal’s blog has lots of interesting topics, a blog worth reading and following; don’t hesitate to visit his site!


    1. What is your favourite season, and why?

    I love all the seasons, why; because every season in life that we get to live and breathe, is another day that’s a gift from God!

    2. What is your favourite musical artist?

    The not too long ago departed, Whitney Houston!

    3. What is your ultimate career goal?

    No ultimate career goals. For the past thirty years, I believe that God has been preparing my heart to be an influence; this rapidly changing world!

    4. Where is your favourite place to visit?

    I would love to visit Israel.

    5. If you could have any type of pet, what would it be, and why?

    My kids had pets growing up; fish, birds, cats. My schedule is way too busy to have a pet!

    6. Who’s Museum or amusement park?

    Amusement park!

    7. “The ends never justify the means.” Do you agree with this statement?


    8. What would be your advice to someone who has had their heart broken?

    My advice is that, God is a friend to the brokenhearted; seek His heart, find comfort within His love!

    9. What do you like most about writing in your blog?

    Sharing what’s within my heart; God’s Love!

    10. What do you like about my blog (and how could it improve?)

    You blog has wonderful content. To improve and have more engagement, I will give the advice my wife gave me; less is more… impactful (she as right)!

    11. What does the Sunshine Blogger Award mean to you?

    To me this award is about giving a bit of insight into the heart of the nominee, and to spread a bit of… sunshine 🌞; to hearts that may be in a dark place!

    🌻The Questions posed to the nominees are:

      What inspires you to want to write?
      Do you rather read blogs, or write blogs?
      What is the most exciting thing that you have ever done?
      Which was the happiest moment you cherish?
      What would you like to do in your free time?
      Which is the best place you have visited, or would like to visit?
      What is your favourite month, or time of year?
      Offer a word of encouragement to your readers?

    🌻Award Rules:

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    3. Answer the Questions asked.

    4. Nominate some bloggers who you feel deserve this award.

    5. Let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them, and provide them with questions to answer.

    🌼 Nominees:

    1. SimplyWendi @ Simply Chronically III
    2. Sakshi @ I Refuse to Give Up
    3. The Moonlight Reverie

    All of these nominees have wonderful hearts, it’s my honour to nominate them!

    Please note: participation for the nominees is truly optional, feel free to decline if you wish to do so!

    God Bless!


    O. C. D

    If I said that I’m constantly trying to change my way of thinking, just so my heart can be in the position; to truly be everything it needs to be. Would everyone think that sounds a bit dramatic, or that my kind of thinking is a bit over the top? My heart will never be perfect, but whenever my soul gets moved; the positioning of my heart, feels absolutely perfect. Sure, my mind might be down with O.C.D; but God’s love, is what changed my heart!

    The obsessive-compulsive disorder, is the name that becomes the sticky side of this label; I know a name, that covers labels. So no one should ever try to put me in a box. Slap a label on my heart, thinking they have my heart figured out. I may be obsessive, with trying to have a clean heart; nothing I do, will ever be compulsive. I’m just trying to get to the heart of what matters; keeping my heart keenly focused, on God’s love. I admit, I do have an irresistible urge; to make sure that my heart is absolutely right, with God!

    How can anyone ever truly call this a disorder? Is it because I’m just not willing to compromise my heart, or accept a lower standard? Call it what you will, I will allow my heart to be shifted daily; until it’s forever lined up with the truth. This not a state of mind factor, but absolutely a state of heart; positioning. Yes, I absolutely do have an uncontrollable desire to fix; the things that are just not right, within my heart. For me, it’s never been about getting it perfect; but about adjusting my thinking. God will do the rest, with His love!

    My heart is Constant, constantly seeking and searching; for ways to improve. Day after day I’ve come to realize, that it’s God’s love; that truly compels my heart. My heart is flexible enough to give all, but all the pressure in the world; will never cause me to change my belief system. I will forever be a square peg; no matter how much others try, my heart will never fit into a round hole. Being Over the top will never be obsessive, when it’s the repositioning that truly Counts. This can be seen as normal, when we truly learn that this is not about perfection. But how to love, with just the little Details; we so often overlook!


    The Well

    Your love is the rain that fills, the rain that floods; the well, deep within my soul. My heart is open to receive, your love is the bounty. Rain down, rain down your love over and over. Fill my soul with your rain, make my heart know it’s well.

    Your love fills my heart with so much hope, faith is the true substance; peace is the feeling. Such a wondrous rain, refreshment for my anxious soul, my heart is well.

    Trust, my heart shall forever trust. All my expectations, all my true desires; my satisfaction, is just your rain. Rain down your love consistently, pour out your rain frequently; I need the rain, to be well.

    Fill my heart with your essence, fill my soul with your presence. Felt from head to soul; the well, forever open to receive. Fill me until your love rises, rises up from within my heart. Blessed, will forever be depth of soul; well within my soul.

    Come drink, have your fill. My heart is a brick house, but my soul needs every bit of your tender rain. Your love is what makes my heart feel complete, my void it fills. I am whole, your love gives my soul true depth. My heart overflows from the rain; I Am, Well.


    You Are Everything!

    You are Alpha, Omega, first and last; where love began, Your love will never have an end.

    You are Master, Savior, King. The Glory among us, the glory that forever surrounds us.

    You are Peace, the Prince of; stillness of heart, will forever be our peace.

    You are our Strength, we shall stand strong within that strength; with the heart of an overcomer.

    In Jesus, that’s where the power is; the power to do anything. To Him we are everything, in Him we have the power to be anything; make His love be your everything. Jesus, our world needs You; You are Everything!

    Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

    ‭‭John‬ ‭14:27‬ ‭

    🇨🇦 Happy Canada Day!