The Well

Your love is the rain that fills, the rain that floods; the well, deep within my soul. My heart is open to receive, your love is the bounty. Rain down, rain down your love over and over. Fill my soul with your rain, make my heart know it’s well.

Your love fills my heart with so much hope, faith is the true substance; peace is the feeling. Such a wondrous rain, refreshment for my anxious soul, my heart is well.

Trust, my heart shall forever trust. All my expectations, all my true desires; my satisfaction, is just your rain. Rain down your love consistently, pour out your rain frequently; I need the rain, to be well.

Fill my heart with your essence, fill my soul with your presence. Felt from head to soul; the well, forever open to receive. Fill me until your love rises, rises up from within my heart. Blessed, will forever be depth of soul; well within my soul.

Come drink, have your fill. My heart is a brick house, but my soul needs every bit of your tender rain. Your love is what makes my heart feel complete, my void it fills. I am whole, your love gives my soul true depth. My heart overflows from the rain; I Am, Well.


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