A Song Inspired; Under The Canopy!

Your love is the covering, our security; a love that covers. Your love is the awning, a love renewed at the break of every dawning. Night or day, a protection can be found; within Your love. A shelter, the refuge; a hiding place. Your love is the safe haven that hearts can run to; when the storms of life, gets to be more than a heart can bear. A love so transparent, being able to see how much Your love covers; show how truly big Your heart is.

Your love doesn’t have a glass ceiling, shattered hearts can find safety within the covering. A place that covers every kind of brokenness. Forever, that becomes the unbreakable, everlasting bond; the canopy!

My friends, whatever situation within your life needs to be met, just ask, seek to find; that you’re covered. Your marriage; covered. Your kids; covered. Your future; covered. Even when it seems like it’s about to rain, even when the rain just won’t stop pouring; from your eyes. There’s a love that truly has you covered, stay under the canopy; let God’s love forever be, your covering!

Song excerpt:

Your love has taken over me. Father, I’ve learned to depend on you. I have confidence in you, in you oh Lord, I put my trust!

  • This post was inspired by a song with the same title, by Frank Edwards. Special shout out to Tammy @ God Inspired Art for posting this song on her website. From time to time I will put up a song inspired post. Hope that it was a blessing!

  • Thank you!
  • WCR
  • 34 thoughts on “A Song Inspired; Under The Canopy!

    1. I feel like crying. Oh, it’s not a sad feeling. It’s a feeling of joy knowing God is everywhere like He was talking through you. I feel loved through your words.

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      1. That wonderful Winnie, you should feel loved; you are, deeply! He’s using my words to speak, not just to the unsaved, but the saved; His beloved sons and daughters! May His joy forever make you want to cry, tears of joy! God bless!

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