The Dance!

Love can sometimes be like an intense dance, but even within the dance: you still have to know how to give and take, sometimes even how to be led. Don’t ever make it be about the right, or the wrong; foot… notes are just technicalities. This is not the two step, but learning how to move as one; of heart. Sure, I know that men and women like different kinds of dances, but one thing is very clear; they both know how to tango!

On Mars, my dance of choice is the Rumba. The hip movements create an intense bodily expression, with a rhythmic flow. Some call it swag, the neck action; women have that movement totally covered. On Venus, I’m sure that the Salsa would probably be the dance of choice. It shows off all of the spicy hot connotations. Now on my planet, deep within; I try to keep things calm, civilized. You can definitely see the hips turning, but underneath; cool as it goes. My dance style, never hot like fire. I know the art of how to tango, without saying a word!

On Venus, it seems like it’s all about the drama, but I know that it’s all about trying; to express the feeling deep inside. Our planets surely do rotate on different axles, but that doesn’t mean; that we have to tango. Sure, we’re both very passionate, spirited. At times the movements can even seem a bit insensitive, maybe without feelings. I assure you, I’m not looking to cue the violin; classy, can still be a nice tango. A tantalizing experience, a love out loud kind of a feeling; the dance of love. My only intentions, is to slow dance with your heart; forever!

So friends, if you must do the dance, remember; the tango is a dance, that takes two. Step out on the dance floor, the ballroom is where I do my best Rumba. Ladies, show your man your best Salsa moves if you must? But at some point, both of you still need to learn how to dance; to the rhythm of each others heart beat. Men, never let your funky “hip” action, be a behavior abrupt or harsh. Even if it’s coming from a passionate place, even if it’s deeply felt. Be extremely hip to her feelings, use your big boy words!

We all know how to dance to the beat of our own hearts, but keep the tango to a slow dotted duple rhythm. Dance together, let the rhythm get you. Let true love be your resolve, don’t slip; trying to outdo. Tango, but let love be the true lasting emotion. Sometimes, we just can’t avoid the tango. Al final, siempre beso y maquillaje (in the end, always kiss and makeup); immediately after the dance. Don’t ever leave the dance floor, without your partner by your side. It doesn’t matter how much the two planets don’t align, it doesn’t mean that the twinkling within the stars; can’t be the love that orbits, both hearts!


32 thoughts on “The Dance!

      1. You’re welcome, Warren! By the way, I tag you in my latest post ”Freedom of expression tag”. There no pressure in participating. 😉

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      2. I saw the link late last night, I will take a look at the post; not sure if I will be able participate! Took me a month to post those awards, still have 3 more to post! Thanks for thinking of me! 😊

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