No weapon forged to steal my destiny, shall ever see the light of day; within my heart. My heart has been destined to succeed; succeed it shall. Some weapons come with the sole purpose, to shake your foundation. Not even an earthquake, or a national disaster. Will ever destroy the firm foundation, disturb my peace; the stillness that dwells within!

Weaponized words, can truly cut deep; let it be only skin deep. Guard your heart with a thick skin, don’t let any of the deep cuts; reach your tender heart. In time, all those flesh wounds; shall surely heal. The scars may remind; nothing truly worth having, is never without a true sacrifice!

Weapons have been used to attack character, don’t let it penetrate the heart; the truth that lives within. The heart has been built strong, but even the strong hearted; still needs to be forever anchored. God’s love, is the solid rock; anchor your faith within, keep your heart grounded. Let nothing uproot your hope, destroy your faith. Be wrapped up, tied up, tangled up; be secure, within God’s love!

One thing my heart have come to know. No Weapon Shall Ever Come Between; My Heart, and Gods Love!

But in that coming day, no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord; their vindication will come from me. I, the Lord, have spoken!” Isaiah‬ ‭54:17‬ ‭NLT‬‬ Aug 19, 2018


It Was So Clear; Right Turn Only!

Why should I ever have to worry about being lost? Whenever I looked up, there’s always a sign; it comes from up above. This is not about having a clear eye, but an open heart; to truly see everything, within the right perspective. The sign spoke to me with such a clear and powerful message, it simply said; ”right turn only!” The words were clear as day, so what’s a man to do. Following your heart is a good thing, but even a foolish heart; can still make all the wrong decisions. Follow your heart, but first learn how to be led; by more than just what feels good!

So therefore I followed the sign, not just the heart; clarity comes, when your heart knows how to also listen. My heart knew the way, getting home wasn’t a new thing; why didn’t I notice that sign before? I saw with my eyes, but my heart was going through a shifting; called learning how to listen. Before I knew it, I was on the highway. The Highway to Heaven, is what it seemed to me, it led me home; back into the loving arms, of the one who loves me. Our hearts were reunited, and it felt so good!

But how could it not, when love is my compass. People look at me, they might even think that it’s my own ability; that helps me to navigate my heart. Life, it has so many potholes; but where the rubber meets the road, the solid rock is my foundation. Most people think that it’s me, “in the so called drivers seat;” Your love is the driving force, behind my beating heart!

So like I said at the very top of my heart; “why should I ever have to worry, about getting lost? As long as I continue to keep right, and allow Your love; to move to the depth of my soul. Your love will always guide me, to the very end of life; the journey… home. And when I have finally reached the end of the road. I will put the right foot in front of the left, take one steady step at a time. For every little step I take, will without a doubt; get me that much closer, to Your heart!

  • This piece was inspired, by a road sign I saw about three years ago; Right Turn Only! I wrote it then, tweaked it a bit today; may it inspire you, to make the right turns in life!


The Move!

First, there was a move, but then; the move started to become so constant. Over time, the move became a shift. At first it was truly glorious, but over time it seemed as if the glory; became us, not thus… I could feel it, my heart could absolutely recognize it. But sometimes, all I could say about it; was that I felt it. The move, was becoming a constant shift; but my heart was not always ready, to be moved!

Even within the stillness, the move was still a shifting; my heart still needed to be moved. Now, I just can’t help it; even if I tried, I couldn’t even prevent it. This love moves the stillness within, all my heart can do; is to enjoy the rhythm, within every heartbeat. There it goes again, another move; the shift, is what keeps my heart vertical. God, Your love just won’t stop, making my heart skip a beat!

I don’t want my ears to just hear, teach my heart to constantly listen. I don’t want to just see, give my heart the vision. So others can see, that my heart moves; because Your love is the breath. Each breath I breathe, moves my lungs; but let the words within my heart, reveal the breadth of Your love. It doesn’t even bother me, if I can’t recognize the man in the mirror; from the constant shifting. What would truly trouble my soul, is that You could not truly recognize my heart; because I refused to be moved!

How can I truly be used to move others to act, if my own heart is indifferent; to a world that needs to know. That the time has come, to embrace a love that truly moves; but will shift; your heart!


The Texture of a Man!

Love, joy, faithfulness; essences, that coats my soul. But are these the things, that reveals a true loving heart; what do You call, the texture of a man? If they are, then my heart knows; how to show true love. Over the years I’ve been called many things, a machine, a robot. None of that is impressive, it sure doesn’t impress me; it definitely doesn’t reveal, the true texture of a man!

My heart is locked within a gaze, anchored in a love. The anchor that holds, is gripped to a solid rock. Some hearts think they’re smooth like satin, and try to use words that appear soft as silk. At the end of the day, all that doesn’t mean anything. That will never be the right answer, that will never define; the texture of this man!

A man has different elements, don’t let your heart; look like a closely knit synthetic, show the real texture. It’s not about the clothes you wear, new, new, flashy flashy? A fancy pants can be flashy, but what is the true texture. Telling your country of origin, doesn’t tell anyone how you’re truly made; a texture of a man, is not made by a country. A man can never be made, a man has to become; then forever display, the texture of a man!

The texture of a man is not measured by how romantic he is. A dozen flowers is a romantic gesture, but so many hearts seem to wither. Anyone can admire an outward beauty, when the appearance seems so captivating; but can they truly appreciate, that it is still the same flower? I don’t strive to be romantic, to most it’s just a passing feeling. I have chosen to be a heart, that knows how to be forever faithful. Longevity, is a true texture; found within a long lasting commitment!

Feelings will pass, appearance may wither. The consistency, more than just on the surface, but the true substance within. Can you tell the texture by a touch, go beyond the surface; don’t let what defines, be just skin deep. Don’t get hung up on the feelings; it’s the character, the lasting qualities. The very fabric of your being, is the very thread; that determines, the true texture of a man!


Maybe Tomorrow?

Maybe tomorrow, that’s what we so often say; but what about today? Are we so forward thinking, that we forget about; the here, and now? Every day we get, is truly a blessing; but the true gift, is that you got to see today!

Don’t just watch the beautiful bird as they fly, don’t try to count all the stars in the sky; don’t just let life pass you by, thinking what about tomorrow. Take hold of today, but don’t hold on too tight; save some love for tomorrow!

Yes, we all want a tomorrow, but first, let’s cherish our today. Jesus said, it’s He who supplies all your needs. Take His hand today, let His love be your tomorrow; let His joy be what your heart needs today, and every other day. Laugh and play, continue to say; you look forward to tomorrow. Just don’t forget about what you have, maybe just today!

Maybe tomorrow, a day you may not get to see; don’t put off what you can do today. Take today, the day you know you have been given. You never know what the future brings. Tomorrow is never promised; Today is your day, to let your light shine!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew‬ ‭6:34‬ ‭NIV‬‬


A Song Inspired; One Moment In Time!

Each day we live, is a day to be; the best you. A day to give your very best, a day to show the best in you; the absolute best you have inside. Make everyday, be your finest day; make every day be your greatest day. This is the moment, this is the best moment; this is your moment in time!

The future may yet be unknown, you may only have one heart. You’re not truly alone, together; our hearts become many. For every day you gain, is a day to be truly grateful. You’ve been given another moment, to gain a new perspective. To taste and see, the sweetness; within a new day. There will be ups and downs, rise up; every time you stumble, or fall. Through it all, this truth remains; this is your moment in time!

That’s the moment, the moment you realize; you can still be all, you’re truly destined to be. When all your dreams, when all of your hopes; seems like the distance, get longer by the miles. Look within, your dreams; are still just a heartbeat away. Seize the moment, seize every moment; you have a destiny, life is just the journey. This is the moment, no time for anything less; than your very best. Lay it all on the line, but don’t bankrupt your heart. Even the best laid plans, is sure to test your heart; maybe even shake your faith. That’s when you fall back on hope; don’t loose that one moment, in time!

Let me take this moment in time to say, Happy Birthday; In loving memory of the recently departed Whitney Houston. Today’s post is a tribute, inspired by her song; One Moment In Time. Her voice was loved, her presence is missed; her heart, forever treasured. Let my love, be your love!

August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012



I would like to thank Stuart L. Tutt @ stubaby777.wordpress.com for nominating me for my first Liebster Award. Stuart nominated me a couple of months ago, it very difficult for me to participate. For those who have nominated me for an award, I will try to post when it is possible! Now about Stuart, he has a wonderful heart, and blog; with content that’s real, and down to earth. Don’t hesitate to visit, and follow!

The Liebster Award is an opportunity for bloggers to recognize and support other bloggers for their achievements. It’s geared towards blogs with smaller viewership. The Liebster Award is available from January 1 – December 31, 2018; All nominations are voluntary!

Here are the answers to Stuart’s questions;

Q1) Besides the Bible what is your favorite book you have ever read?

A) Don’t read anything right now other than the bible. Not because I don’t want to, my schedule just doesn’t allow. I have about a dozen books on my tablet, and I’m hopping to get to them in the near future! One book that absolutely loved as a child; Call of the wild, by Jack London!

Q2) What, in your opinion, is your greatest achievement in life?

A) I have two things, they are not achievements; but my greatest joy. Knowing that God thought that I was worthy enough to be called His own, and knowing that He had a wife; a life partner He chose to spend my days on earth with. It’s been thirty three getting to know His love, thirty two years getting the opportunity to love her heart; the blessings my heart has known!

Q3) What is your reason for blogging?

A) To share my love stories. To encourage, perhaps change a few minds, influence hearts; with a word, placed within my heart!

Q4) What is the best advice you have for newer bloggers?

A) My advice is always the same; take hold of today, tomorrow was never truly promised! Take hold of your heart, don’t ever worry about the battles you face. True strength can forever be yours, when you realize that true strength comes from the courage within. To face the battles of life, with your God given strength; the heart of a worrier!

Q5) If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

A) I would change how we (humans) treat each other, we’ve all been created equal. Let’s live with one goal, to be the humanity; we were created to be!

Q6) Do you color with crayons or markers?

A) Crayons as a child, a marker is what I would hand out to everyone; so we can all leave a lasting mark on the world!

Q7) Besides Jesus, who is your favorite biblical figure?

A) That would have to be David, a man after God’s own heart; that my desire. His life wasn’t perfect, but he truly loved God; with his whole heart!

Q8) Who or what makes you yearn to be a better person than you were yesterday?

A) I’ve been yearning for as long as I can remember. I’ve learned much, but still learning that there’s still so much more. I strive to be better, but better is still not good enough; when you’re still yearning, to be so much more!

Q9) When you go out on the town, what is your attire?

A) It’s been years since I’ve gone out of town, but it would be; semi casual as the least!

Q10) If you have children, where is your favorite place to take them?

A) My kids are all in their twenties, but when they were younger; we used to go to Florida every summer!

  • Great questions, I have a question for you Stuart?

Would you want to be so wrapped up within God’s love, that it would forever take your breath away?


So free, that your heart felt like it was free falling; into the depth of God’s love. Not being able to catch your breath, but knowing; His love, is the only thing that can make you breathe?

  • Just something to Stu over my brother!

Thank you Stuart for the nomination, I hope the answers are a blessing to you, or any of the other readers! I apologize for not not nominating anyone, feel free to participate if you wish; the questions are the same as above!

God Bless!