I remember the moment, the moment your love started beating against my chest. Crashing against my soul, trying to overwhelm; trying to find a way into my heart. Now Your love covers my soul, my heart is being submerged within the depth. Capsized, has truly become my heart; sinking straight to the bottom of your love. Down, down; my soul is sinking deeper. Don’t let it stop for air, let it sink; until it reaches to the depth of forever!

There’s a depth, but I’m still trying to know; how deep does it go? My heart understands the length, but that still doesn’t tell my soul; how to not get so overwhelmed, just by the breadth. So how could my heart, even fathom the distance, my soul needs to go; just to have your love, be my every breath? To fathom how deep, still wouldn’t be the depth. My heart just needs to be totally submerged; then maybe my heart just might get a glimpse, of how deep is your love?

Half way in, means I am still half way out. My heart’s going to take a deeper dive, until my love is all the way in; fully submerged. Oh, how could my heart ever breathe, without your love? Your love became my air, but now it’s also the lifeline; showing my heart what it means; to know how to truly breathe. I’ve always thought that my love tank was half empty, but now I’ve truly realized; it was always half full, your love gave my heart true perspective!

Fill my heart, let the love overflow within my soul. If my heart drowns, let it be within my own tears. Your love is the stillness within my heart. How could I ever again imagine, how could I ever again think to breathe; on my own? Oh my soul, take a deep breath. Oh my heart, no need to hold your breath. The love within, let it be your air; just breathe. The time has come, to go deeper; no need to exhale. Find that within every new breath, a deeper understanding. A full submersion, means forever letting go of the want; to embrace the very need, to be forever submerged!


35 thoughts on “Submerged!

  1. ‘A full submersion, means forever letting go of the want; to embrace the very need, to be forever submerged!’

    Love this line ❤

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  2. 👏👏👏 I think you should look for ways to publish some of these your amazing poetry on magazines….. Don’t really know that process,but you can try finding out.

    Just a thought though…..because i love your write-ups ✌

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  3. Your words made my heart yearn to read more,the words are inspiring, encouraging and totally captivated my imagination. I closed my eyes and allowed the words to surround me as I was submerged.I felt Gods Love! I needed that today!Blessings

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