The Texture of a Man!

Love, joy, faithfulness; essences, that coats my soul. But are these the things, that reveals a true loving heart; what do You call, the texture of a man? If they are, then my heart knows; how to show true love. Over the years I’ve been called many things, a machine, a robot. None of that is impressive, it sure doesn’t impress me; it definitely doesn’t reveal, the true texture of a man!

My heart is locked within a gaze, anchored in a love. The anchor that holds, is gripped to a solid rock. Some hearts think they’re smooth like satin, and try to use words that appear soft as silk. At the end of the day, all that doesn’t mean anything. That will never be the right answer, that will never define; the texture of this man!

A man has different elements, don’t let your heart; look like a closely knit synthetic, show the real texture. It’s not about the clothes you wear, new, new, flashy flashy? A fancy pants can be flashy, but what is the true texture. Telling your country of origin, doesn’t tell anyone how you’re truly made; a texture of a man, is not made by a country. A man can never be made, a man has to become; then forever display, the texture of a man!

The texture of a man is not measured by how romantic he is. A dozen flowers is a romantic gesture, but so many hearts seem to wither. Anyone can admire an outward beauty, when the appearance seems so captivating; but can they truly appreciate, that it is still the same flower? I don’t strive to be romantic, to most it’s just a passing feeling. I have chosen to be a heart, that knows how to be forever faithful. Longevity, is a true texture; found within a long lasting commitment!

Feelings will pass, appearance may wither. The consistency, more than just on the surface, but the true substance within. Can you tell the texture by a touch, go beyond the surface; don’t let what defines, be just skin deep. Don’t get hung up on the feelings; it’s the character, the lasting qualities. The very fabric of your being, is the very thread; that determines, the true texture of a man!


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