Come closer, I love how Your presence makes my heart skip a beat. Closer, no closer; Stop. Any closer to my heart, Your love is sure to set my soul on fire. I know what the problem is; if you come any closer; my heart would surely be consumed, by Your love. But go ahead, draw me closer; let Your fire consume, from head to toe. I can feel Your love burning, it must be out of control. Raging, that’s the love within; consumed, that’s becoming my soul. Your love, the fire; the burning desire deep within!

Just like a moth to a flame, without further hesitation; draw my heart closer. Let Your presence, be what consumes my heart; overwhelm my mind. My love can be found in You, my heart; will forever be part of Your love. But yet, I want it even closer; until my heart is completely Yours. So, come closer, closer; stop, that’s close enough. The next step, is for my love; to come up higher. To get closer to Your heart, my soul therefore needs to be forever consumed; by one thing, Your love!


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