My Gaze, Becomes You!

How can I truly fix my eyes on the beauty I see, when my heart is forever fixed; upon the true beauty, I see within Your love? My eyes will forever gaze upon the outward beauty, but I will forever fix my heart; on that which the true beauty lies. The beauty within Your love, has forever captured my imagination; but the beauty within Your heart, became my every gaze. As I now endlessly gaze into Your heart, my soul will still be fixed; upon the foreverness within Your love. Forever be charmed, I’m sure!

I absolutely must tell You this, I just can’t seem to even help but to notice; that the beauty which emanates from within Your heart. Has become the very same beauty; that is now ever before every single glance, of my love. So if my lips fail to utter the words, that will truly encapsulate the beauty within. Just know, Your love is the one thing; that speaks volumes to my heart. Your love has forever loosened the words, that has for so many years; tried to bind up my heart. The You I feel, is the You; that gives my heart a glee!

My heart can now clearly utter every word, articulate every single syllable; I want nothing left unsaid, from the depth of my soul. Even this strong, but silent type; still needs to be bold, with his big boy words. Especially, when his heart now has so much to say; as a man. So therefore, I will never stop admiring Your beauty; with a loving heart. But also never ever forgetting to speak, the words that are forever etched; upon the tip of my heart. So what say You, is it the same as what say I? Has my heart truly become Your forever love, because Your heart has always been; my forever love. I will keenly gaze upon Your love, peer deeply into Your heart. My gaze, has truly become; YOU!


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