I hope You truly don’t mind, if I pour out my love; upon Your heart? You surely must know, Your love is my gasoline? The love that fuels my heart, with amazing love. The spark, that forever lights my heart. Ignite my heart, set my soul ablaze. Let the fire of Your love, burn deep; down, within, forever. Let it burn out of control, a soul on fire. To some this poem might seem, a bit self serving? Pump the brakes, you don’t need to guess; what I’m trying to say? I’m about to step on the gas, for this is absolutely that. A heart unashamed to say, that there’s a needy side. If I could, I absolutely would; Self-Serve. But I know, this love is given; cannot be taken. Those who help themselves, are still left wanting… more!

This is about an outpouring, and my heart is in absolute need; of every bit of this love. The undiluted, unfiltered; my soul doesn’t want there to be limits. When my soul already knows, this love is truly limitless. My heart selects the quantity of love given, but it’s my soul that chooses the quality of time given; to appreciate fullness. My soul, oh my soul; will surely get drenched, with just a drop. So, don’t ever stop pouring; my heart will never stop needing. It’s absolutely impossible, for my soul to ever get enough. Fill me with Your love, to full; to overflow. What else can my heart say, what can my soul truly do? When Your love is the high octane, the fuel that powers my soul. It might seem as if I’m pouring it on extra thick, and I know there’s a thin line; between love and hate. So, I would love; if You would completely fill my love tank!

There’s still so much room, for an everlasting outpour of Your love. Oh, I would absolutely hate for You to stop; let forever, be the overflow. Saturate my dry bones, Your love is water; for my ever thirsty soul. Fill me up, fill me up; fill my cup. Let Your love, seep out my very pores. Never ever close off Your love, from my soul. My heart needs to have complete, unrestricted access. Won’t You let Your love, be my own personal twenty four seven; Self Serve? To live, to move; to have my being, within a love so Devine. Strike a match, let Your love engulf my heart; totally consume my soul. There could never be a reason, that I would ever let it be put out!

I will let the love burn down, into the depth of my soul. Until the fire can be felt, by anyone that comes within a thousand feet… of my heart. I don’t even care, it they too catch on fire. Let the love within my soul, help set hearts ablaze. Hot air rises, so therefore I will allow the love to rise up… higher. Forever within my heart, always within my soul; hot like fire. Don’t hold back, throw gasoline on my wick. If my head becomes thick, if my heart ever becomes just a flickering flame. Let my soul burn, burn, burn; until the beauty within, is the ashes. Six feet down, and the only recognizable part of my soul; just Your love. A heart is made, to be a house for love. But only if Your love, is the fire that burns… within!


31 thoughts on “Self-Serve!

  1. A heart is made, to be a house for love. But only if Your love, is the fire that burns… within!
    WCR…………this is an amazing way to wrap up such a powerful post……..your passion is catching!

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  2. This is so very beautiful and I never tire of your creativity. I love they way you use your words to glorify God’s name. It would be so awesome to have a heart FILLED with God’s love. Something I need to keep striving for each and every day. Thanks for another fascinating post Warren.

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