The Flyer!

Flying high, soaring forever; beyond limitations. Up up and away… with all the lies that confines, a heart was meant to move freely. High octane, super unleaded; fuels your soul, with untainted hope. Let your heart glide, peacefully upon every breath of a sustainable love. To not attain, means not knowing how to dream; that your heart can truly attain… flight. Even if it flies in the face… of opposition, dream big. Air time, hang time; your time. You don’t need an airline, to be a frequent flyer. Chart a course, but following a path. Don’t just say something, do something… outside of your comfort zone!

Bring along a copilot, or your most trusted wingman. If you’re scared to fly alone, take the journey together. Dream big dreams, don’t let anyone clip your hope. Cling to peace, be the navigator of your own destiny. You don’t have to be clever, to know how to soar above every endeavor. Don’t go in a circular motion. Where you start, should never be where your dream ends. Aim for the stars, go above and beyond; even your own expectations. Freedom, what a soul finds. Hold tight to your hope, that you will see a brighter tomorrow. Let love be the twinkle within your heart. Let love be the freedom, that forever hovers over your soul.

Embrace the journey, let love take your heart higher. Embrace a love bigger than the sun, the moon, the stars. Journey into the third heaven, lose your every breath… at forever. To love deeply, truly gives a heart wings. So a soul can soar, fly higher and higher. Oh Love, to what heights; do You truly want to take my heart? Love let every gaze, take every breath. At the sheer beauty, the awe and wonder. Seeing the true length and breadth. So how, how can my soul, not fly; beyond my tomorrow? Love, I’m not scared; my heart is not a slave to fear. To live free, die hard; from falling so heavily… in love. It all comes down to choices, my soul was given a choice. Your love is what my heart chose, to be my forever!


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