Against Your Love!

A heart laid back, trying catch every breath. Saving forever, against a love so deep. Letting Your love be, the breath moving in every heartbeat. Laid back, knowing what a heart needs, to truly breathe. Be a soul melted, forever in the peace. Overwhelmed, knowing such a loving embrace. In the darkness, Your love is the light; shining through a wide open heart. A soul relentlessly seeking, Your heart found every time. To catch a glimpse, becomes a heart fixed within a gaze. On a love so beautiful, than even a thousand moonlights. Every gaze, a soul captivated breathlessly. In a heart trying to know, how deep the love? The more my heart seeks, deeper the love becomes. A heart expecting, the flood to be like a river. For it to overwhelmingly be, a soul being swept away; drowning in the deepest ocean. A heart full, in the presence of love. All the breathtaking moments, a heart and soul being nestled, deep within the breadth. A soul leaning in, trying to see into our forever. A heart deeply resting, Against Your Love!


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