In The Wake!

In the wake, my heart; breathes a prayer. That the night will again give way, to what will become the dawn. A heart, having no regrets, no guilt, no shame. To again be, awaken breathless. A soul, still needing You. In every heartbeat, in every breath taken. In whatever’s done, my heart will breathe easy. Knowing Your love, every taken breathing. A soul, never looking to become so woke. To see trying to live in moments, without there be breathtaking. Becomes a heart living, but not in love. In the stillness, living in the glory days. The higher calling, that bears your name. In the wake, a heart that waits patiently; finds the truest answer. In every trial, you don’t allow your resolve to buckle. A heart feeling weighted, by a shadow of what has pasted. In the wake, to be enlightened; you have to be in the light. A heart, that can’t help but shine… through it all. For a heart, to catch a second wind; love has to be the breadth. In every wake, the day greeted by a new perspective. Sight, beyond what’s seen. Becomes insight, for what needs to be known. Faith, moves as the power; to undoubtedly produce an awakening. Every new found hope, gives rise to a profound change… in heart, in soul. The breath in life, forever needs the breadth of life. In the aftermath, the day becoming another jet. The ready set, let go… never. My heart, will never just watch Your love, fade into the sunset. In the wake, my soul will again know rest. In You, to You; I tether my heart. In every wake, my heart will again count Your love, and the cost. The right kind of love, prepares the heart. To be the true impression, to reign in the wayward mind. Today, is the day. To forever be a heart changed, a soul freed. In the wake, by the presence. Chains still broken, in every peace, and joy. In the wake, every heartbeat breathlessly waiting. For the moment, when another change of heart comes. With the strength, to wade through the water, oh. So at the end, of myself; be a soul left speechless. A heart, forever moved; In The Wake!


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