You Make!

You make, my heart sing. You make, my love smile. Your love is the goodness, inside of me. My kindness, a reflection of your heart. You make, everything complete. In the stillness, I become. My heart, shaped by your gentle touch. You make, my silent river, stream into an endless ocean. My soul, baked within your love, what makes my faith rise. You make me, better than I would be. You are, the air I breathe. What makes my heart, breathlessly feel alive. Your breadth, the fullness that has become, the breath in my lungs. Stay close, until there’s no space. Between your love, and my heart. Your love, makes every heartbeat race. Makes my heart, lose every breath. Make my soul, dance in the endless reign. Your love, has never given up on me. Now, it’s my heart, that won’t let you go. My soul, going to love You forever. How? How do hearts do it, try to live, not breathing with the deepest love? When my love, falls short. When my heart, becomes distracted. Your love waits patiently, knowing my soul, is forever tethered your heart. Your love, tears down my walls, built up my soul. Has made my heart, into what it is today. Where would my heart be, if Your love didn’t mold it, into what it is today. What would, have become of my soul? If Your heart didn’t define, how to love wholeheartedly? In every gaze, my breath you take. With every heart encounter, my soul, caught up in the rapture of love. Wherever You are, where my heart wants to be. My love, free to express, You Make!


5 thoughts on “You Make!

  1. Yes, indeed, this is a soul blesser! His love for us knows no bounds. What an incredible truth! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us, Warren!

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