In Focus!

Oh love, let me share my heart, let my soul testify of the goodness. I won’t, talk about the feelings. Love has a story, and therein the muse. My confidence, replicates over and over. The breadth, felt again and again. In the silence, love abides. In the stillness, love’s gentle whisper, breaks through the silent. Your soul, swept away. Your breath, taken forever. When love is the focus, heartbeats are elevated. The heart raises up, to stand on mountains. The soul fierce enough, to ride the waves, in the middle of raging sea. Love raises your faith, so you can walk in freedom. Love in focus, clarifies the perspective, reveals the intent. Whenever, I open up my heart, words escape, the love pour, from a deep river. When, life tries to get the best of me. Love gives my soul a song, and my heart sings. In love’s embrace, my heart never more loved, than I am, and in the moments. When, my heart is questioned, the substance examined. My name, won’t become the subject. My soul, makes the introduction, to the love within the heart. Love, opens up the window to the soul, leaving the heart door ajar. Love’s intimate moments, with a heart wide open. True love, not in how it gives breath, but in how you learn to breathe. A heart knowing, the last air breathed, will last until forever. Love, oh Love, when my heart rises. I don’t, start with the man in the mirror. I keep it, the Focus, on You. A heart, and soul in Focus. Let’s it, the love, take every breath. Just trying, to share my heart!


4 thoughts on “In Focus!

  1. Wow!💥💥💥 So relatable! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 “Focus” on breathing in every breath, every particle…to make this feeling of real love lasts…to fade into space where there’s infinite energy. Lovely blog 😊

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