When Love Speaks!

Heart check, one, two. When, love steps to the mic, the anticipation becomes. When love speaks, interpretation concedes. Love is but a word, yet so profound, to change hearts and minds. When, love comes from depth of being? It’s instantly known, that freedom reigns. When, LOVE is spoken boldly, the definition is known. The verb, the synonyms, every syllable, verbalized in a heartfelt soliloquy. Love in thought, speaks out loud. Love in action, speaks within character. Love in stages, the language simplified, the words emphasized, the heart magnified. By design, when love speaks, it paints a picture, in vibrant colors. The portrait, frames the posture. When, love speaks intentionally, the heart leans in. To let the soul, hear the declared intent. To be, or not to be, truly authentic. Love, I’m not afraid, I’m not ashamed; to let You, bare my soul. May my love, always speak with specificity, act with integrity, consider the gravity!

Love, doesn’t need to be amplified. The power of love, able to blow the mind, with the subtlest gesture. When, love speaks tenderly, when love speaks positively, love speaks graciously. In verbatim, the spoken word resonates, the truth in love, reverberating; believable, time after time. When love speaks, fear trembles, walls crumble, mountains quake; words are powerful. Love, never caught off guard, or taken back, love is a gift. Love will anticipate, poised to reciprocate; won’t pontificate, love is attentive. Love, go ahead, speak through my heart. Quiet every heartbeat, take every breath, embolden my soul, make me speechless. Everything You say, gives so much power. To roar in the chaos, find hope in the madness. Love, whisper peace, in your loving way. When, my heart can’t find the words. Love, speak anyways; let my soul be amazed. How, You can still find a way, to speak volumes. When, talk in part fades, with but a whisper. Love, breaks the deafening silence, with transparent words. My heart is listening, my soul hangs on every word; when Love speaks!


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