Love, with Enduring Might!

Every day, life balances, when love is the Counterweight. Even if, your heart beats like a Featherweight. Pound for pound, the love within can shine, like a Heavyweight… champion. The spoken word, the heart poised to take action; love captured in a poetic Playwright. Let love be a Birthright, for every heart living Right. Not just in the Moonlight, but every day, and Night. Love Highlights, what may become an Oversight; love is forever. At some point, love makes the heart skip. What can a soul do, when love propels your heart, and it takes Flight, into the Spotlight. When it comes Downright, love equipped with Foresight, never depends on Hindsight. 20/20, love is a vision. A heart not captivated, by the Limelight. Love swayed, by Candlelight. A soul illuminated, like a Streetlight. Love is a journey, on the road called life!

Love pumps the brakes, at every Stoplight. Doesn’t use words, to pierce the heart. When rage the comes out, like a Bullfight. Straight up, to the moon and back, let your love soar. And, when the clock strikes Midnight, don’t change who you are. Show love, in the Twilight, and it will resonate brighter, in the Daylight. Every day, let your heart shine, like the Sunlight. Don’t get this twisted; your heart, no love is Airtight. The battles we encounter, intense enough, to leave cracks in your armor. But, even a flawed heart, can have enough courage, to wield such incredible love, like a valiant Knight. Profound love, doesn’t need deep Insight, to be a heart Upright, with Delight. Even, if the Weight becomes heavy, lift up your confidence, your heart will be Alright. Plight, will never sway; Love, with Enduring Might!


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