I Am a Child!

I am a child, love has me by the heart. Love chose me, birthed my confidence. Love feeds my soul, changed my heart, wipes my tears. Love knows my name, bathes me in endearing words, swaddles the fabric of my soul, in textured love. Love rears the heart, comforts my being. Softly, tenderly, whispers of love touch my soul. Love sings to my heart, the sweetest lullabies. Love taught me how to stand, gave me the strength to be, to become… Love showed my heart, how to be strong, walk tall, how to run into its embrace. Love, doesn’t play with the heart, love enlightens the soul. After all, I am a love child. When shadows appear, love reveals it’s always close. With the most valiant light, love vanquishes every fear, to soothe every doubt. Whenever I’m overwhelmed, when my heart cries a river, love is my ocean. Keeping me breathless, drowning me in the depth. In the breadth, in love’s divine serenity. Love encourages my soul, to chase after my hopes, pursue my dreams. Love speaks, telling me my breath will forever be, held. In the arms of love, I Am a child; for love, has me by the heart!


11 thoughts on “I Am a Child!

  1. Hallelujah 🙌🏿🥁. Thank you Jesus for your love. This was so refreshing to read and such a blessing. More grace and oil to continue to write. God bless you 🙏🏿🤗

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